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  1. Ajame

    Selling rpgs

    Selling 2 rpgs
  2. U still looking to buy rpg ?
  3. U still selling any off that I’ll buy tier 5 vest and helm for 1 miland I’ll buy those 2 pilot covs for 375k
  4. Ajame

    WTS Items

    How much for 7.62 sup
  5. Also black water items suppressers rockets rpg and titan, tier 5 helmets and vests pilot covs and more
  6. Dang ya not interested in mar 10 or sup for it
  7. Looking for 7.62 sup also
  8. Y’all weird Just tryna but some items
  9. U still selling those warpoints
  10. Tier 5 vests pilot covs rpg and rockets etc.
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