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  1. Congrats on Chief, well deserved candidate.

  2. Someone on olympus ratted my PC and I have to hard reset it! Thanks!


    Retard. Took 13 minutes of logging on my PC to find it.


    P.S.  gonna back track it and where it was pinging too 🙂

  3. @rabid


    Beta male new padding trash bag.


    most hated sergeant on sAPD.

  4. Come on, I wont fuck it up again... think about the amount of psychos you've given other chances lol. I got this.
  5. Give me power of attorney over your finances king vigi rat. o7 random guy.
  6. Sending love and prayers for good fortune chaz. Message me on steam if you need anything bro. Take care.
  7. So we can do it soon. I’ll actually be down to host monthly ufc 4 tournaments here as well once it comes out for sure, great idea. Lol. Top 100 as gustafsson is no noob mr monks the monkey. join so I can do this to you I literally kill people in this game. my K/D is 7.3
  8. Hello, this will be for the most part barebones unless it’s clear they’ll be enough people. ideally, 32 people face off, 16 on each side of the brackets. Best of 3, winner takes all. ill do steam card gifts for the winner, runner up, etc. if you play, and are interested in competing, leave a comment. There was a monopoly tournament, time for real competition. PS4 only since unfortunately the PC version is broken, and if you play Xbox then you need to get with the program. look at this half decent clip I got yesterday for inspiration fighting in all divisions doesn’t matter, it’s for fun with a competitive edge.
  9. Lol thought you were someone else nevermind

    1. Monks
    2. Monks


      i never o7ed

    3. Edward


      I edited my post it’s okay

  10. Edward

    cya boys

    Agreed if he claimed to be working for the DOD and be a division 1 athlete and in the UFC and an NSA analyst and... oh at this point lets just name what mong hasn't claimed to be.
  11. Edward

    cya boys

    ooooookk civak. relax there. retribution never ends well.
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