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  1. keep smoking your 20$ eighths with that 9$ an hour lieutenant bahaha


    i feel so bad honestly 🤣

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    2. jig
    3. Cooper:P


      Sooo what happen to us not being worth ur “bull shit” haha

    4. Monks


      someones cop app was denied

  2. @ Cadenn stuttering virgin, one of the nicer ones.


    @ 1thedoc learn how to drive a motorcycle and not be a cunt.


    @ Cooper:P I genuinely feel bad for you. ginger. destined to fail. GG

  3. @sAPD I don't blame you for not wanting to speak, the anti social and lack of ability to critically think are pretty evident amongst the majority of you when spending more than 10 minutes with any of you. You are all shaky voiced soyboys who come on here to try and know what it feels like to actually matter 🤣


    Everyone ever who has spoken shit about how corrupt, jerky, and cliquey you bunch of egoistic keyboard pussies are has totally been justified. 


    Thanks for reminding me why I left ArmA 😆 and good riddance, playing with a few people on here is not worth your kid's bullshit 👍

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    2. Sanguine


      @ jig  this shit is your life buddy, 🤣🤣






    3. jig



      yeah man this shit is my life

    4. Mako


      3x blacklists in a little over a year, complains about people SAPD being corrupt, jerks in a clique and keyboard warriors but literally ruins experiences for other people because you're too inept to understand rules that a 13 year old could and types up some paragraphs attacking them. Good luck in life lmao.

  4. you do realize this money is only good for kits in which you need to fight to use right, like you crack heads go crazy over a number on a screen for what? lol please give it a rest
  5. @ Ryan Is a real life marketing director for some high paying british company and utilizes his skill towards olympus enterprises thus why it is organized well and the graphics, website design, and overall vibe is so welcoming. GG youre on your way to forbes 30 under 30 ked you little millionaire you
  6.  hop on this before your mainstream friends kids

    1. Strafe


      knife talk carried

  7. i thought ur prof pic was some random at the capital incident nvm.

    1. Moderator Rafa

      Moderator Rafa

      Pledge is a bitch

  8. these kids nowadays have it easy... if only you knew how deadly those damn bushes used to be...
  9. I meant Original Poster by the way but yes that is exactly my reaction to the post
  10. ... well uh. yeah. This was a stupid post OP lol
  11. Shut UP!!!! you weirdos.
  12. yeahhh ez 37,500 x 5 kid big brain plays

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