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  1. nem0

    selling gear

    ok, server 1
  2. nem0

    selling gear

    https://gyazo.com/806c61d1700750d2eae285cc1d2d8680 mar10 lethal - 2.4m zafir -3.2m mx- 250k each sting-100k each asp-400k t5-650k promet sg- 1m each 5 bw mags - 250k each
  3. lol , once a rat always a rat.
  4. nem0

    selling gear

    mk1 taser promet mr taser zafir 5 bw mags 2 promet sg
  5. nem0

    selling gear

    everything is sold , sorry
  6. nem0

    selling gear

    sold the adr , make an offer for the promet
  7. nem0

    selling gear

    2.2m for lethal 1.9m for taser 2.8m for 7.62 sup 600k for 6.5 250 for 556
  8. nem0

    selling gear

    also mar10 taser promet mr taser ADR taser 6.5 sup 556 sup
  9. nem0

    selling gear

    2x t5 black and green 3x mar10 lethal 2x zafir 1x 7.62 sup 13x pcovs 1x promet sg nem0#7714 pm me on discord with offers :)
  10. https://gyazo.com/f7928df9ba0432ca5240609588c4fe9c ..sorry not sorry
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