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  1. from the pov of the staff its far less obvious but as a player its clearly a problem toxic wasnt the right word more like bias. it happens everywhere cause thats just human nature but some places worse than others if your trying to tell me a staff member having bad blood with a certian gang and acting upon it doesn't happen and never has, thats big cap
  2. thats your opinion and i have mine. with the staff tbh we all know they pick favorites and let some gangs slide while scrutinizing others heavily, as for cheaters, it is way worse now. maybe less greifing hackers but exploiting and trainers are rampant and most seem to just get a pass which is breeding more exploiting/toxicity. yet again this is only a personal opinion so shit on it all u like. as for the suggestion i agree with the reasoning the more that i think abt it
  3. wow this server has gone down hill community is way more toxic (and the admins) more hackers and s2 doesnt even have the pop to stay open sorry for the suggestion rafa fair enough thanks for intelligent response instead of being toxic as shit
  4. will sell for 4 mill if you can today prices will only rise as they get rarer
  5. since they have been removed from stores reply if you think only the guns should be activated as they get more rare
  6. hmu with offers singles or bulk all types
  7. foo we will always be thankful you helped me and i helped new ppl so there fore you helped us all
  8. aw thanks foo im also a degenerate gambler now lmao i ended up passing what was left over of mine to 2 new guys
  9. server 1 or 2 looking for sting,spar,mx,or promet tasers
  10. damn man thank u im newer to this market stuff i appreciate u

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