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  1. kid look at the title then reevaluate that its a shitpost thats kinda the point
  2. makes sense. him calling me broke while he has 4k is clearly me flexing my money. they talk so much shit in game and kept coming back for more sorry if this post wasnt to your standards
  3. what was? u lose ur kit anyway since i sent ur bones to jail lol... anyway thanks for the frit
  4. i know i suck at arma no need to tell me but damn sk is way worse (cringe and autism warning) may kill braincells
  5. hmu if u sellin
  6. xxdausxx

    wtb ghawk

    anyone selling? realistic prices and serious sellers only
  7. lethals for like 1.5 to 3m
  8. you guys lose a max of one kit every 30 mins if u get robbed which takes a lot of effort from civs. your kits also cost less than civs. and when a civ pulls a taser it costs 2-5x as much to lose as a cop buys it for. civs lose kits every time they die. if u want to play a game where you dont have to worry about kits or money go play cod. better pay would satisfy all
  9. alost o7ed over 35 mill to 3000 but im recovering so imma j get a blacklist so i cant gamble
  10. Americans have bagged milk but we only use it in milk machines where they belong
  11. im deficient braincells your mean words cant hurt me my bran is so smooth they all just slide right off

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