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  1. Hm, a good question, I think more weapons and more vehicles would be cool. Obviously better optimization and less "arma bugs", As for what I'd like to see in a life server. I'd love to see the ability to distil all forms of alcohol and sell it, the ability for gangs to capture and hold city areas which will give them a % of all things sold in that area, a night time specific bar in which people can enter to drink gamble and just hang out, maybe add a pool mini game in it as well. Finally I'd love for an actual in game government which can do some things similar to irl governments but of course within reason, also a court system instead of letting the police decide everything
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    Guess I never did introduce myself on the forums when I started because of an issue with my forum account. But I can do that now, so hello. I am Dr Anarch, I'm relatively new to arma 3 and arma in general. I decided to pick it up after watching soviet wombles arma 3 videos, I found them hilarious and thought maybe I could have that much fun playing it. I heard about role playing servers before from friends but never really knew anything about arma life servers, so when I got into the game I decided to check them out. Tried about 6 different servers before deciding to stick with olympus, seemed like a cool place to be. Although I got rdm'd or kidnapped like 9 times, I finally got some money from just running around not knowing what to do and bought my first gun (it was the protector) I thought this was so cool that I had these things so I tried my hardest to save them but eventually I got robbed of my stuff. After a while I went ahead and got tired of olympus so I jumped back to another life server where I learnt a good way to earn money which I then translated into olympus, thus the start of my true experience on olympus. Nice to meet you all and hopefully we can hang out sometime in game.
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