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  1. yea immature im 15 and im not a little racist shit
  2. thats because hes a bigger shitter then me lmao
  3. Back like 2-3 months ago i was in wax and this mother fucker was crying day in and day out about no one helping him do shrooms. Then he has the nerve to call @LoudLarry the most chill respectable person the Hard R then cried somemore about getting kicked not in his book @Karma he got 6 bw mags once very valuable gear lmao
  4. is there ganna be something where people can spectate that ae not in it
  5. LMAOOO bojo idc bout the likes i get so go ahead spend your whole life disliking everything lmao idc
  6. bru shut yo dog ass up u where rude to moodwa fuk u
  7. I will be taking control of the Sovern nation of bomos
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