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  1. whatever you have to say to get in your annual forum post god emperor administrator
  2. ego on a video game server lmao if ya'll hit the gym once you would know trusting a few people to do janitor duty is not that big of a deal
  3. I think it is more that people are trying to force an opinion. Olympus Entertainment is your property but there are people that have grown an unhealthy dependency on your property so they will experience rage over it. I will say having the server that full felt like Olympus in 2015; I play casually though.
  4. We need more info on admin tools to even pitch any of these ideas. It really is as simple as providing a list of what you have in your houses and getting it compensated but there is too much mistrust for the general populace for the staff team to trust they weren't doctored. I see no issue in letting a few million slide into the economy by those who DO lie to accommodate a closure of server 1 or 2. I pitched this awhile ago at a meeting and it got no traction but this is what I was thinking. This really isn't that confusing of an issue, it's not like we are the first server to do this. Step 1: Put warnings up everywhere two weeks before server closure. Side chat warnings, tooltip warnings, login screen, forums, everywhere thinkable. The goal here is to reach the player base that DO not use the forums also. Warning Example: "Server 2 will be closing down on *date*, record all the contents of your properties and submit a compensation request" Step 2: Set a meeting date for ALL major faction leaders to talk to map designers. Senior R&R, sAPD, Senior Support, Senior Civilian Council, and staff to discuss new locations for houses and sheds. Focus on killing excess access on map (I have like 40-50 screenshots of completely useless structures that are not on the baseline Altis map). Step 3: Temporarily allow Senior Support, Moderators, and Senior R&R to accommodate compensation requests ONLY related to server transfers. I am excluding sAPD and Civilian Council from these allowances because frankly neither of those positions are relevant to trustworthiness. Senior R&R is included as they are typically neutral players due to lack of civilian gameplay. They would be rewarded for this much like any other position, whether it be "brownie points" to get their fake online promotion, staff points, warpoints, whatever (this is to reduce sketchiness and doesn't violate labor laws). Step 4: Increase the frequency of warnings 5 days before closure. Step 5: Rinse and repeat.
  5. I vouch for this. I literally have bled out three times within the past few days with medics that are nearly on top of me.
  6. I would not care if S1 was shut down. Just combine the servers, money means absolutely nothing if there is nobody to use it on. Also if you're one of the ones from opposing servers I will help you transfer items over, on my character, personally.
  7. why tf we always wanting arma 4 when arma 2 arrowhead exists?

    make a arma 2 arrowhead server please

  8. Dear Noah, I recently went to your establishment and my interior of my vehicle now smells like piss and all of my limited designer Frosted Flakes collector’s edition boxes are gone... I will see you in small claims soon, Chase Meant to personal message, sorry!
  9. Adding a mechanic that deliberately fosters toxicity lmao. if you can guess what I’m talking about then don’t refute this statement retards
  10. In accordance with the exchange of Columbus Day to American Native Day I have changed my name temporarily from Skateezy to Skateozowiawel.

  11. Probable cause or not probable cause aside... Why is any member of sAPD (a representation of the entire APD faction) warranted to completely talk down on someone after they proceeded to kill any reason that individual has to play on the server in the first place? Is it a problem that member of the sAPD can also go on the forums to brag about how rude he was to a player of Olympus then get hailed for it? It is quite funny how nobody of any authority (lol video game ranks) has really even bothered to mention this. Yeah... @Noahhh! sucks as a moderator. We should have more moderators that barely touch the game, talk-shit on the forums, do not create any content for the server, and log on to to their minimums. Fucking l - o - l Noah is the primary reason players don't feel like they're walking on thin ice all the time for stupid niche rules. And I am nearly positive Noah gets more pussy telling bangin' hot girls he's moderator on olympus than you do telling them you're fake cop and can paint finger paintings for gang textures rent free strings buddy
  12. It’s also fucking stupid that the meta is to sell runs at night if you’re a smaller group. Nobody that is actively contributing to society is going to wake up at 5 am to sell virtual drugs. Buffing runs solves more issues than it creates.
  13. I just don’t get the logic behind not buffing runs. I have pushed since the time I started seriously playing this server that the money doesn’t even matter because there is nothing of substance to even buy with it. You basically have the same amount of spend ability at 10 million that you do at 1 billion, barring abundance of BW gear & Ghost Hawks. If they’re not going to add anything to actually spend money on (much like how Nerdy’s suppressors got rejected (why?)) then why does it matter if the economy is “unbalanced”. The game is 7 years old, the server can go to pre-school, can we stop acting like we’re trying to balance the NASDAQ and instead just buff runs? I think we get way too caught up in changes in this server as if we can’t fix them almost immediately if they cause issues. Also for emphasis this isn’t because I’m broke in a video game. I do not care about money at all - once again, because I’m a vigilante and my kits are cheap. It also doesn’t help there is literally nothing to spend money on in this game.
  14. Ever since the Casino I can confidently say 80% of Silla hangs around 50k bank accounts.
  15. It is quite humorous how mad people get over presidential elections when I can nearly guarantee most of the diehard crowd has no knowledge who their state or local representatives are. This behavior is what leads to cities like Baltimore voting in the same people for years and years just to blame big government.
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