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  1. How do you change the resolution of arma without the menus being blurry, I’ve seen some videos but it’s like old videos from 2015
  2. @Lopdud1 seems like you’re kind of houses
  3. + 1 tarquanda as well but only because he has a serious addiction to this game
  4. Damn Owen didn’t realize your rep is worse than sov
  5. @Lil Savage has a debilitating gambling problem and it needs to be fixed *******Sign Below*******
  6. Might as well add a plane runs cartel while you’re at it
  7. @Tarquanda mad @anti kills him with sdars
  8. A jar of sweat from you malding at conquest yesterday
  9. It used to be really annoying that you would talk a lot of shit even when you died. Like once I killed you in a hatchback from like 400 meters with like 10 bullets and then for like 30 minutes you kept saying how I wiffed 3 mags.
  10. Best weapon is obv a Caesar BTT

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