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  1. Anyone have a pet bird or lizard? Looking into them and just wondering from a normal owners perspective how they are.

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    2. Comrade Sploding

      Comrade Sploding

      Lizards are cool, but everyone I know who's had one said they require a lot more work and resources than other more normal pets. Also, in the case of lizards you'll need to regularly buy, store, and handle dead and live bugs.

      Do with that what you will.

    3. Lime
    4. XnavrasX


      This is a long conversation to have. TLDR both are expensive. Birds are loud regardless of species. Lizards, can smell depending on species. Really up to the person. I've owned birds my whole life and wouldnt trade them for anything.

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    How much for envg
  3. lethal, just updated post
  4. how much for dms and sup
  5. @ AmericanWaffle Even responded to my APD dispatch when I saw some suspicious activity during my glass run Kudos to you my friend
  6. I'm looking for people to play among us with, add me on Discord or steam,



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