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  1. Can't speak for majority, but I like it always being full. Just more going on, things happening etc. Def harder to do runs and robberies alike. But there is ways. RDMing is through the roof tho have fun
  2. There is so much vdm rdm all the time and anywhere that I quit reporting almost entirely because i would spend more time uploading tickets than actually playing. fuck it im gonna go upload some tickets
  3. There is another gangs that has somoli in their name maybe your thinking of them? We certainly go to sofia, but not running in circles lol. What gang you in?
  4. 1. We don't rdm. 2. We fragged your mom in sofia.
  5. Just a video I made from random SoPi shenanigans. Darkyl if your watching this...sorry lol.
  6. That's a fair observation. We originally just made the video for ourselves and didn't have an intention of posting it, so a lot of the clips of stuff had meaning to us but maybe not others. We don't body camp other players unless they do it first. We literally keep a list. So when we get the chance to bc someone who did it to us....we take it lol.
  7. You need to open your y menu, there is a settings option, you need to enable ambient effects.
  8. Man got me wanting to know something I didn't even know I wanted to know about.

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