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  1. I'll put 10mill on Regicide but with Standard Shipping it might take a couple of months to get it to you ... Kappa
  2. To everyone that voted yes to my participation in Gang Wars, you are very much appreciated. Very grateful for the support (:

  3. #FreeYourBoy 

    Looks like I'm sitting out gang wars for the second time 

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    2. TheRandomOne


      3 hours ago, Phizx said:


      I don't wanna get restricted for putting some random news team member in the dirt so I'll just agree with your statement (:

      Put someone in the dirt? This is the internet kid, no reason to act tough.

    3. Phizx


      The only time I can remember not fighting OG mushroom is when you rushed to the cartel with 16 people to defend against our 8 , we wouldn't attack with that number differential no matter where it is . You've attacked us 17v7 before and barely won by the last 1-2 guys (not to mention you've lost some of those kind of fights before ).If your reading comprehension was a level above of that of a second grader , I said you are irrelevant to the situation at hand , which means my ban and status update has nothing to do with you, your shit gang , or the shit players in it . Like I said earlier , fuck off. Go back to your daily YouTube videos@ThatNerdyGuy

      And who the fuck was talking to you? @TheRandomOne I'm just curious

    4. TheRandomOne


      With something as entertaining as this I couldnt help but jump in and have some fun

  4. What the fuck are you talking about dude LMFAO If they have enough money to spend, that is. Half of the kids hacking are one and dones like MC at cartels ( @Corporal_moob xd) , doubt they'll do the work to bypass these systems. You've got to remember they aren't much more than poor 15 year olds , they don't all think like you do.
  5. Don't see that working more than 3 times maximum unless there's a product of Hellen Keller and Stevie Wonder playing Olympus.
  6. I would say I'm against it because I use VPNs to join unknown teamspeaks all the time. However, it's keeping these 2 shitheads (Savage and Joel) from spoofing my playerid again and getting me permed so I'll just keep my mouth shut xd
  7. You're annoying and irritating.. But am I complaining? :/
  8. Update servers?

    1. Pledge


      The senior APD will be holding an emergency meeting this sunday to re-evaluate our strategies.

    2. G.O.A.T.


      I'm kms

  9. Aaaaaaand thread locked . What a shocker 

    1. Poseidon


      Yea lets keep it open so all these kids who got banned in unturned and csgo can keep spamming notifications. It was discussed, we're not changing the system as of right now as we're happy with the way it is. No point in trying to convince us any further.

    2. bigSMOKE


      the system is shit 

    3. Poseidon
  10. Here comes the post deleting and restriction .. see you guys in a month xd
  11. Didn't ninja get unpermed for duping ? Didn't you guys knowingly let m2 ban evade half a year ago (after his very first hacking ban ) and jumpman? Didn't you guys lift MBPslayers duping perms multiple times ? Didn't you unban 3rip because he simply "served his time" on a perm ban ? Didn't symfuhny get unpermed ? Didn't you guys let savage go on a ddosing perm? Wasn't yaw yaw yaw ban just lifted ? I don't have anything against these people , just giving out examples . You guys are SO sure that these perms are reasonable and justified but they're lifted within a matter of time (myself , Joel's first hacking ban , Harley , Haiwood, etc)
  12. I don't necessarily agree with this system . I wouldn't mind if you left the system but lifted bans case by case that way you can weed out who is actually harming the server using hacks . I'm not going to lie , I was as big of a cheater as it gets when it comes to CS:Source and original rust , but I haven't touched a cheat in over 3 years (after CSGO came out) since the 15 vac bans I collected over the past 10-11 years. I'm not affected by automated banning system (Just incase you thought I was covering my own ass) but I do vouch for a lot of the people that are currently banned for bullshit game bans like joining a hacked lobby in mw2 over half a year ago or ESPing in Unturned or some stupid shit like that . This isn't necessarily the way to go when it comes to clearing pull down scripts lol
  13. +1 Now that the retard is gone, welcome to the force Mr. Theak. Hope you find the fun within playing cop (: