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  1. Been playing non-stop since the start of quarantine actually, friends paying for a host on PPPokers. If anyone's interested lmk, $300 buy in 2/4 blinds
  2. Phizx

    o7 Boys

    o7 buckster
  3. Ight so who am I ordering pizza for? tryna skip this corp and get sergeant real quick🙆‍♀️

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    2. grar21
    3. Linka


      i would prefer just giving me the money, but i will pull some strings

    4. Phizx


      @Panda :) LOL most of them haven't been around for long enough to understand the joke anyway xd

      @Linka I have cashapp 😄

  4. I don't think the population is steady enough for a server 3. It's great that both were full yesterday but if there were to be a third server, there would be like 25-30 on each during the day. Rather have 2 full servers than 3 half filled servers
  5. Very well said +1
  6. With 2 thumbs and 8 other functioning fingers you should be able to get 50 arrests quite easily. At the end of the day they’re both 9mms anyway
  7. I hate you with a passion you bastard xd
  8. Ayeee wassup my man hit me up on steam cute stuff adopted
  9. All is well, all is well, hop on steam you douche
  10. Ehh its possible, not sure yet You heard it here first ladies and gentleman. Whats up my favorite garbage PUBG player wow you havent been permed yet? good news wassup buddy
  11. Hows it going everyone Haven't spoken to y'all in a minute
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