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  1. raptorr427

    This happened a few weeks ago and I just rewatched it. It has to be the funniest moment of my stay here at Olympus. I've been here for about a year and a half, and I've had so many great memories. This however, takes the cake. The fun starts at 2:40. Shoutout to the MULTIPLE Kavala Scats that tried to save me and to Buffalo Bill for keeping his cool (Even though he took my Rahim ). Good times in "The Vala". Enjoy.
  2. raptorr427

    I completely agree on this, you nailed it Pat. When you told me about this yesterday in my TS, I had to come check it out, great points! My gang, ~PAC~, takes in players no matter what their experience. We get a bunch of crap from people saying our gang is just "squeakers" and "shitters" but at least they are learning to do runs, and even learning how to play in general. We may not be the best gang, but at least we have fun and are teaching new Arma players or new Olympus players the ropes. I personally discipline my gang members if I find out they robbed someone in something smaller than a box truck, robbing someone doing a legal run, or killing fresh spawns in Kavala. I remember how hard it was to make money on legal runs with just a hatchback, now I have 13 mil. I have been here for over a year now and have seen many people come and go, even friends, because it was too hard to make money. We as frequent players need to help the community grow, not kill it. Lastly, for all the people giving my gang shit, I leave you with these words: At least I'm trying to help the server grow.
  3. raptorr427

    Well again, thanks. Let me known if you ever figure out the problem. I'm on Windows 10 by the way.
  4. raptorr427

    That worked Lonnie, thanks. It's a shame that I can't record now though. Do you know of any way to continue to use shadowplay but still have the mic working?
  5. raptorr427

    I do, my PC picks up any sound through my mic, but Steam is not picking up anything.
  6. raptorr427

    It is the Turtle Beach PX22. It is weird because it never had this problem until last night. I'll give it a shot. How do you disable it Lonnie?
  7. raptorr427

    So out of nowhere, my microphone is not being picked up by Steam. When I go into my sound settings on my PC, the bar moves when I talk, like normal. Then when I go to Steam, the bar does not move at all. I tried to uninstall Steam and reinstall it, but that did not work. I have restarted my PC plenty of times, no luck with that either. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks in advance.
  8. raptorr427

    Lol thanks! Funny thing is he rage quit after that. After betraying our gang we have been killing him nonstop for 3 days. How in the hell did he ever get into -TI-?
  9. raptorr427

    I suppose it does, lol. Let me know next time, I'll come!
  10. raptorr427

    I'm not guna bring my MK18 or 200 into Kavala for some squeaker Deputy to seize XD
  11. raptorr427

    The Serpents are a new who consisting of former [O.O.] which is my gang. This video is a perfect example of the skill level of these kids, enjoy!

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