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  1. Hey! It's me, Your best friend. How are you? Still sacrificing people?

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    2. Alyssalou82


      Well, she's an object, because all women are objects, so don't listen to her

    3. Orgondo


      This is true, she is my property 

    4. Alyssalou82


      You gotta beat your property, all women are objects, they shouldn't have a voice

  2. Jaeger Mannen

    The Naming of the Great Tree It was December 27th, 2014. Three dudes in a teamspeak; Mike Perez, Raindeerkitten, and I - Jaeger Mannen, were discussing what tags they should use for their gang "Altis Apples Inc." I didn't like abbreviations or acronyms as all the other gangs used those, so I suggested we use a word for a tag. [Apple] would've been fuckin' stupid as would any other suggestions we came up with. Raindeerkitten(we actually thought he was AFK) just blurted, "Tree" and the teamspeak went silent. "Yeah, fuck it. Tree. We'll change it tomorrow." I said. We started destroying gangs and becoming notorious with the tags "Tree" so we kept them. Then January 2nd came around with an Olympus patch that updated and wiped gangs. I renamed the gang "The Great Tree"and the rest is history. The End but yes, raindeerkitten read "tree" from a reese's peanut butter cup wrapper.
  3. Jaeger Mannen

    Is it April 1st already?
  4. The Return is Real.

    All Hail The Great Tree

  5. Fuck your Gods! Merry Treemas!

    1. Nurse Lou

      Nurse Lou


    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      All Hail The Mother Tree!

  6. Jaeger Mannen

    Never disbanded it. This is list of gangs that were created like within 1 hour of the post wipe. It's a bullshit list.
  7. Jaeger Mannen

    Because it's phoney! It's fake! This list is just slanderous hoo-hah. Where's number 001? Where did this list orginate from? Crooked Peter! Not to mention it's post wipe..
  8. Jaeger Mannen

    This list is bullshit! FAKE NEWS! This came from a phoney source! Just Sad!
  9. Jaeger Mannen

    Everyone stfu. Admins too. Y'all STFU and let's make Olympus Cancer-free again.
  10. Jaeger Mannen

    I lost brain cells.. in a good way. The shit I'm missing. <3
  11. Jaeger Mannen

    That Tree is symbolic and shows the dedication that Tree Had towards RP. It was a gift from Poseidon. While other gangs collapsed and just became chaotic cancers that sought to destroy the value of RP and the quality of the server. Tree went the other route. We've embraced RP since 2014 and still do today. That Tree should be saluted by all. The sacrifices won't end. 2017 is when I'm off this god awful break and this shitty wifi that's made playing nigh impossible to enjoy, will be gone. All will Hail The Great Tree and continue to do so. We'll make that Tree Grow.
  12. Jaeger Mannen

    BillFuckingcosbywarfare! And you want the 980 ti - solid card.
  13. Jaeger Mannen

    This is fucking... GENIUS! My god this child is an artist!
  14. Jaeger Mannen

    2 years and many stolen gang funds later- we FINALLY have a recruiter rank..

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