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  1. imp

    Montage Music

    All jokes aside, this kid can spit
  2. Hey ya'll, Just wanted to throw this out there for you nutty montage makers. If ya'll ever want any music for a montage, I've been producing music for a little over three years now and would love to support you guys as well as do what I love; spread what I love to do. I'm just one pm away, lmk ps: all free
  3. imp

    R&R Change?

    I agree, medics are slept on. Usually people don't need them until they find themselves in a situation where they desperately need em, and from the sounds of it, people have been needing them a lot as of late. With the state of how the medic population is right now, I could see it being nothing but beneficial to give them at least a bit of a boost/incentive to play. I understand how it'd be hard thing to do tho considering the fact that you don't want to give em "money printing" ability. Of which could lead to rule abuse or other forms of nefarious intent. Or on the other hand, it just might give the medic role a higher sense of rationale, which would be great!! Hindsight's 20/20 tho and we will never know unless something's done!
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