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  1. @ Crashh tbh true i am a no lifer
  2. @ sploding I tried that but got no reply twice so, I am a bit tilted now xd
  3. @ Doofy dude we got lives too but we wait in TS for hours and your easiest solution does not apply to people who get falsely banned
  4. so why are we told to go TS if we want to talk to a staff member, thats just stupid
  5. So i have been in TS for longer than 10hrs in past 2 days but no admin/dev came to attend my problem, does this happen to everyone or i am just unlucky
  6. I have requested a ban appeal can a support member pls review it.
  7. Hello guys i am WarLord66 i got banned for 1 day for "NLR". The guy who reported me was trying to VDM me so i don't think shooting in self defense is considered violation of NLR

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