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  1. I think this is more appropriate for you... 


    1. FaXe


      hi lea my friend @ CaloomClark  needs to talk with you

      thanks in advance

      - FaXe massive knob

    2. eknjack


      piss off woman

  2. Lea


    I wish you well in your irl venture. While your absence may not be felt by everyone, it'll be felt by those that matter.
  3. Lea

    I am less mad now. You might get cupcakes by the end of the month.

    Lets Go Reaction GIF by Mason Ramsey

    1. eknjack


      could i get a chicken sandwhich with the crusts cut off pls?

  4. Selling my weed house in Neri. Fully upgraded. Top of the hill, excellent for back pack pro runs. 5 mil. It is already listed.
  5. Lea

    I'm still mad

    Sad Baby GIF

  6. Story time kids. I'm OLD AF so GET OFF MY LAWN is now my engagement message! I was 20, working as a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home, newly married, raising a toddler and life was good. That morning I had been assigned the minimal assist wing and I was picking up breakfast trays and helping those who are obviously now my current age get dressed/groomed/etc when the one woman's call light came on and she RARELY put her light on for anything. I walked into her room and there were tears in her eyes, she just kept saying a plane hit a tower and just about that time we watched on live tv the second plane hit. Things in the nursing home came to a halt as people became more and more aware. SO many tears shed as we watched it all unfold. Some of the nurses were already calling their families to prep for them to head there to help. Our employer offered to cover all travel expenses of those who went, though no one was really sure who to contact or where to go. In the days following some nurses were able to get contact information and set up a time to help. Families, friends and even strangers prayed in every religion they could. Many of my friends enlisted. There was a sense of unity. American flags everywhere. More tears as programs showed clips and videos as they became available. The Pledge of Allegiance was said before every event in the dusty small town I came from. It was really surreal in the moment and many were worried that more was coming or that it was the end. But I do not recall anyone running out to the store and hoarding anything. Also, Myspace was barely a thing so there wasn't the easily accessible market we have now via the internet. Love and Light to those who need it as always
  7. Weird signature bro! What are you a simp??! 🤣🤪

  8. Although, I think many already know it but I'm a mom and grandma and old af. I've been through a lot of serious life stuff and I'm always happy to at least listen and add my thoughts when asked for them. Shoot me a message here or in game. Weird messages will be met with equally weird responses for you sarcastic assholes already scheming to take advantage of this.
  9. Hello Oly, I hope you are all having a great day! 💜

  10. Hope you are having a lovely day! 🥰



    Happy Birthday GIF by chuber channel

    1. HeadLESS


      Weird picture but thanks haha

    2. Lea


      The point was to make you laugh, so I hope it did. 

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      It has everything Headless looks for in a picture ;D

  11. Damn I almost had one for you last night but all I heard was, "yOu BeTtEr NoT bE hEaDiNg to ChOp WiTh ThAt LeA"... *eyeroll* If you let me lockpick them then I guess you shouldn't mind losing them
  12. My reasoning behind is that I don't typically clip right away, most times I wait until I get up and see what the scenario is. If it is a newb just learning I try to talk to them first or if it was simply a case of goofing around etc. Basically, if someone wants to be a jerk then I clip and send it. I still send in a fair share of reports though I also regularly clean up my storage and really I have lots of space.
  13. Well in fairness it wasn't my silver being robbed. I was helping a new guy. And I do have better odds of not being robbed on this server than most, hence my "Let me talk to them" comment in the video. Most of the server get cupcakes on the regular from me, and I know how to cut them off Ooo I think we should track most cupcakes purchased!
  14. Can I get a +1 for every time my name is mentioned in this thread. Damn. Here's what I do @ ExtLordz , as I, too, have had RDM clips denied for it being too short, set whatever you use to record to do 15minute clips and trim to make certain that you have at least the five minutes prior to your death. Best of luck out there

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