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  1. Keep posting bro Nearly everyone hating on you is career APD - freaking pigs!!! Dedsrs!!!
  2. best chip medium for dip?

  3. I used to 24/7 but there are hygiene issues with washing your hands TOO much. Do not touch your door handle or the toilet handle and you are good. Tradies have this down. https://www.healthspectra.com/over-washing-hands/ https://www.anxiety.org/does-excessive-hand-washing-mean-obsessive-compulsive-disorder Nastier stuff on your face and body.
  4. I had my previous G502 for a couple of years and that thing was a trooper. It recently fell apart and I picked up a Wireless Superlight. $150 and it felt like straight China Trash so I returned it and got a Wireless G502 once again. I have all Logitech besides my headphones (Beyerdynamics) & mic (cheap dynamic). Logitech does everything pretty well. C920 - Best budget webcam G502 - One of the highest regarded mice Not sure on keyboards though. I have one of their aluminum half cap keyboards and nearly four keys have broken. They work but spin around
  5. This is the most spot on analysis I have seen of our gang, straight up. I do sometimes rally the noobs together in helicopters and drop masses on people but I know it is ONLY fun for us. If a group of 10+ dropped on your runs (which typically if you're doing runs in the first place you are either: 1) A gambling addict 2) New to the game) you would be pretty upset. In any medium, whether it be a business, WoW Guild, whatever, to get true quality members you have to actively work at it. We recruit people simply because we like their attitude, typically. If some new dude makes a funny joke,
  6. Calling the FBI on a dude not wearing a mask in a grocery store type beat
  7. Thanks for the inspiration. I will start rallying the troops, forcing them to descend upon Anti with SDARs and wetsuits, much like Tamerlane’s Mongolian horde thrashed Delhi.
  8. I’d you’d like to apply message me in-game. We’re probably more fun.
  9. https://www.healthline.com/health/urination-painful
  10. please stop messaging me that it’s odd that I gave @Tammy$5,000 for feet pictures... it is basically the same concept as donating.


    Women deserve money due to the wage gap... I am not a simp for being an activist.

  11. Skateezy


    I know this is probably a joke but achieving obesity is a genuinely hard to do thing. Caloric amounts to be able to gain weight increases with weight gain, so you are actively increasing how much you are eating if you are obese. You don’t even have to exercise to reduce weight, it is all calories in calories out, simply eat less. I disagree with your point though, look at Seth Rogen, nobody respects him because he’s large and will always be seen as the “fat funny guy” and not the “funny guy”. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UOBuOmOAI6c

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