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  1. Think this is mostly due to the "do not message staff about your bans" ideology. I fully get it's annoying getting people that evidently broke rules messaging you but it really cannot take that long to look at a few reports. How is it possible people can spend 40 hours weeks, in a game, playing virtual cop, but somehow cannot spend a couple minutes letting people play the game? This issue could also be resolved by letting other staff members remove bans, not like ya'll aren't already farming staff points anyway. Olympus Staff is truly pretty non-problematic and do not get salty when you criticize them, I respect that - though acting as if ya'll are 10k ceos a day when most of you are putting in 80 hour cop weeks is a bit disingenuous.
  2. My apologies all seer strafe. I did not mean to threaten your long-lasting Olympus career with a focus on complaining on the forums and oversharing family topics with people that don't care. https://gyazo.com/fb341da417baf91736561b6d8555a490 https://stats.olympus-entertainment.com/stats/players/76561198051750985/ To redirect your baby anger I would recommend: https://stronglifts.com/5x5/ If you need help on form, direction, or nutrition feel free to shoot me a message on the forums!
  3. Don’t think that was the point of his comment but you’re wrong regardless. Discord became a public software in 2015. Olympus was 2014? It surely could have been considered down the road. https://www.pcgamer.com/one-year-after-its-launch-discord-is-the-best-voip-service-available/
  4. Imagine yourself having kids later on in life. ”What did you do in your late teens/early twenties, dad?” ”Oh I “trolled” people online” You may think people are “taking the bait” or you’re successfully “trolling” but this is genuinely depressing. Get it in order, it is not too late. I’m sure you’re a good guy underneath this anger or obsession.
  5. Goodbye, Revy! We had a lot of good times together fighting bank, cartels, and other events in the server! I still laugh at that time on APD when we were doing the same patrols, over and over again, and you said that funny remark that I had never heard before - for I do not have a social life outside of Altis APD and barely get any exposure to outside sources. Haha, funny! It was probably a weird comment about women because I don't know how to talk about them but I surely do tell everybody on APD I talk to tons of women on Tinder! Thanks, Revy! See u bro! Stay safe!
  6. this is what eating beans on toast does to ppl
  7. Alexander the Great was conquering cities at 16 and you’re spending your time doing this hitnthe gym man
  8. skatez


    Don’t really know you too well, but I wish you the best. It’s easy to think certain behaviors on Olympus are ‘normal’ because the community is filled with people that think it’s normal to grind hours upon hours a week for virtual ranks, gear, or notoriety. Your life is your own but I think you’re taking the correct path by stepping away from an environment (internet in general, every game or server is an endless grind nowadays) that preaches such behaviors and focus on what actually matters in life. Remember games are a hobby, not a lifetime advancement. Good luck in your future endeavors, hit the gym, and live a happy life. Cheers!
  9. I get more interaction in my ban appeals
  10. https://stronglifts.com/5x5/
  11. Not sure why everybody always cringes at the idea of roleplay when they take their roles so seriously they have to make o7 posts when they leave the server, R&R, or APD; which in and of itself is roleplay. Roleplay is what makes the game fun, the only aspect of the server roleplay does not affect is cartels. A lot of people thought Gunhand was hilarious and he was essentially a character role. there is a lot of stigma around roleplay on Olympus, for seemingly no reason. It would be an improvement for the server if we didn’t characterize everything around people that are playing deathmatch/conquest on an Altis Server and instead add more additions (like this one) to the server. Good idea - please keep them coming. The APD drastically needs a rework from the inherent robocop deal they have going on now.
  12. Make some type of event on the aircraft carriers. Rebel boat is super fun to push with close quarters and plenty of doors if there are rebels on it. Possibly an APD event where APD hold down the boat and rebels push?

    1. Penguiny


      very good idea skaterz ill put in a good word!

    2. torre


      what the gay

  13. I sent a couple messages to good players on the forum this morning. Silla is recruiting players with an impressive conquest record or war kill/death ratio to participate in taking of Gang Base tomorrow for Silla. We will pay from $1,000,000 - $10,000,000 - depending upon your capability. Payment will be contingent on victory of Gang Base for Silla.

    Thanks - Silla

    1. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      I want to join

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