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  1. If your still playing Arma in 10 years when it releases maybe it will transfer!!
  2. Congrats @ Doc well deserved!

    also happs @ Revise 🥳

  3. Get a good rep in the community, and be mature, THEN you might have a shot.
  4. taxi jobs, waste of mission file space. no one did those
  5. What kind of games do you like?
  6. That ones easy to say *cough cough tp*
  7. i miss u

    1. Skys


      talking to yourself again?

  8. this is a factual statement, everyone knows mat is cheating lol, but then he snitches on someone else for cheating very weird.
  9. bruh whys no one realize how sus mat the w is

  10. tit guys r weird man
  11. happy birthday @ Sandman !!!

  12. forget abt the drama man, just hop on and play a bunch of new stuff has been added.

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