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  1. Is it just me or do helicopters feel more sensitive now? Like I use tier 4 on all my helicopters and after the update arma released they all feel weird to fly.
  2. i was listening to music and youtube called themselves muting it sorry it was horrible. and i still have the larger video of that moment if i resubmit will it count or is it too long after the day it happened?
  3. If thats the case i have had one of my post rejected when i just logged into the server because there was not 5 minutes before. and even still i show enough before the rdm for you guys to see he was in the wrong. if yall cant see that was rdm then i dont know
  4. Not too long ago I was playing civ with my gang and we did a robbery at the silver proc and killed lea with RDM after my gang member told me her sent her the message to engage her. The clip she sent was 2:31 seconds long and within 24 hours I was banned. Now according to the rules the video must be 5 minutes long hers was not and I got banned. Here is her clip. Now I was RDMed while playing medic responding to a revive in pygros and when I went to start reviving the player Meredith Decided to just RDM me and tried to RDM another medic who was also there with me. Now the video I sent was 5 minutes and had time before and after my death to show that the player never engaged me and I get a response from an admin saying that I did not have enough evidence to show that I was RDMed. My clip is below. So in what way is my death not RDM the same as when i shot Lea at silver proc. Please help me understand.

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