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  1. I had to drop my truck off at the shop. rode the bike home 5 miles. been 10 years since i rode a bike. my legs are jelly. hoping i wont have to ride back.

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    2. Mighty
    3. Felix The Tool Tate

      Felix The Tool Tate

      Small town no uber.

    4. buckie


      Sounds like you need to hit the gym 

  2. Oh look charter spectrum internet is out again. Who would have guessed.

    1. Lime


      Sounds about like Spectrum alright

  3. I was watching this on the nearby hill
  4. There's a dark mode now? Man technology these days.
  5. Noticed that discord is empty pretty much all time since I joined and tp3 is hopping. Why is that? Does olympus plan on switching to discord in the future? It just seems like discord would be better? What am I missing. Thank you.
  6. @ Ron  shout out to Ron for being a down to earth chill guy.

  7. Pspsp come here serotonin.

  8. Morning everyone! Wishing yall great runs and good fortune!

  9. Shout out to Unit 17 for being a great human being and helping myself(a new guy) on the server!

  10. Congrats dude. Don't know you, but I'm happy for you.

  11. Been looking for a good rp server since my old one shutdown. Looking for chill people to hang with. Will be on after work. Work third shift. Any familiar faces?

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