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  1. Mercury

    Farewell Shadow [email protected] Congrats to the New Shadow Owner @Fusah
  2. Mercury

    @Ferris Bueller Is it for when the fire decides to shoot back or is it for when they plant secondary devices?
  3. @Pledge I'm proud of you son

    1. Pledge


      Thanks Dad

  4. Mercury

    Plagarism F- @Muthinator
  5. It's Confirmed, Designers and Developers are not staff
  6. Mercury

    The Omega Protocol is active
  7. Mercury

    o7 - We all knew you were the real puppet master
  8. Chapter III - Illegal Zones 3. Medics who choose to willingly enter an illegal area to answer a call cannot be killed unless they are properly engaged. However, all medics must READ AND UNDERSTAND the Exception as well as the Special Circumstances listed below: 3.1. Exception: Medic GROUND UNITS (ONLY) are Kill-On-Sight at Cartels, War Zone, Rebels, and at active Federal Events (Jail Break/Fed. Robbery/BW Robbery). Air units must still be engaged or sufficiently warned. Land vehicles, amphibious vehicles, medics on foot, and pilots who decide to land at these locations are all considered ground units.
  9. Mercury

  10. Mercury

    It's kinda nice to see the community unite like this...kinda
  11. Mercury

    Good lord, that image quality...
  12. Chapter VI - Vehicle Towing 5. Advanced Paramedics and above may Windows key impound vehicles in accordance with standard towing procedures. Chapter XI - Rank Advancement 3. Rank Perks 3.1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 3.1.1. SUV/Van 3.1.2. Pay Check = Base Pay + $300 every 5 minutes. 3.1.3. EMT uniform (Blue) 3.2. Basic Paramedic 3.2.1. Hatchback Sport/Off-Road/Quadbike/Boat/Qilin 3.2.2. Pay Check = Base Pay + $600 every 5 minutes. 3.2.3. Paramedic Uniform (Red) and Dive Equipment 3.3. Advanced Paramedic 3.3.1. M900/Hummingbird/HEMTT/Orca 3.3.2. Pay Check = Base Pay + $900 every 5 minutes. 3.3.3. Paramedic Pilot Coveralls (Yellow) and pilot helmet 3.4. Search & Rescue 3.4.1. Taru/Taru Repair/Orca/Strider 3.4.2. Pay Check = Base Pay + $1,200 every 5 minutes. 3.4.3. Search & Rescue Coveralls (Orange) and pilot helmet 3.5. Supervisor 3.4.1. Ghosthawk/Hunter 3.4.2. Pay Check = Base Pay + $1,500 every 5 minutes. 3.4.3. Supervisor coveralls (Green) and pilot helmet 3.6. Coordinator (+) 3.5.1. Hellcat 3.5.2. Pay Check = Base Pay + $1,800 every 5 minutes. 3.5.3. Coordinator coveralls (Green) and pilot helmet
  13. @Peter Long Happy Birthday, the glassy eyed yes men are ready for the coup


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