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  1. Mercury

  2. Mercury

    You were right my friend, o7.
  3. You're old

    1. Doughnut



    2. Mercury


      Clearly Korean

    3. Doughnut


      You've escaped already. You have no excuse!!!!!!11!!!!

  4. Mercury

    Nerd still has his Admin tag, has his TS tags, and just closed 2 tickets. #FakeNews I stand corrected, o7 shitter
  5. Luckily you caught me early enough in the day, right in that sweet spot between drinking and crawling into my scotch bottle to live there. Your first application was incomplete as you failed to follow directive 4: "Applicants must provide a detailed narrative explaining why they want to join the R&R." You were given the standard treatment we give all applicant who fails to follow directives, a 2 week cool down. You are a persistent fellow, but failed to follow the directions in your first failed application, primarily of waiting 2 weeks. So you reapplied again only a couple days later, albeit with more effort, a good application I must say, but you were still unable to grasp the most basic of instructions and guidance. Therefore, your cool down was further extended. I will pay you the compliment of emphasizing in bold and not in all caps, lest you feel like the R&R is treating you like @DeadPool #MedicSelfRev. You have to wait until April 15, 2018 before you can reapply. Do NOT reapply any sooner that April 15th. I hear my scotch calling to me, So I bid you good day. (201 medics) So were not hurting for medics there sparky.
  6. Mercury

    Youre asking the wrong questions, like, why does it look like its for a small child?
  7. Mercury

    Big Daddy McBoss
  8. @Bubbaloo Burrito Happy Birthday

    1. Metro


      @Bubbaloo Burrito Happy Birthday

    2. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Hahaha  thank you bitcheeesss! 

  9. Mercury

    I feel like the APD should shift their RP to something more and representative of a Fictitious developing Nation/Fascist State. Maybe make it more in line with the Gestapo? @Perrin You are trying and not really succeeding in applying civilized laws to what is, in effect, a non-civilized "nation". There are no judge issued warrants because there are no judges (sAPD are in effect de facto judges as they are the issuing authority of warrants etc) The server rules are the "governing laws" and thats how the RP society works. What you are attempting to bring up goes beyond the realm of what an Arma 3 life community does (the light RP ones anyways). Tl;dr: Imagine North Korea (without Summary executions/forced labour camps)...Welcome to North Korea
  10. Congrats to the Gang Wars MVP: DDosing

    1. Sociopathic


      @McDili You wanted drama right?

    2. McDili


      Yes, and the community delivered

  11. Mercury

  12. Mercury

    Tough one...I prefer mostly classics... Von Ryans Express Where Eagles Dare Kelly's Heroes Tora Tora Tora Zulu

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