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  1.   Baby comeback  

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Serpico


      It's true. I told him to take it away. The troll in me gets too high.



      I'm so confused with literally everything that's going on, and this only makes it worse. What's happening with the drunk guy? And what's happening with all the hints at even more perms? IM SO CONFUSED PEOPLE???

    4. Serpico


      I got trolly and banned him on TS. He was not coming back online. The Canadian in me started to feel bad. He just thought his internet dropped and kept watching his show/movie.

  2. The more I drink the easier it is to grade essays. A, D, F-, F-, F-, F-, et cetra.

    1. Pledge


      Careful. Soon you may find people will do ANYTHING for a good grade ;) 

    2. Mercury


      Nah dude

  3. @Nixon Jones

    Is that your new stripper name?

    1. Nixon Jones

      Nixon Jones

      :246966791761297408:Maybe... :Kappa:

  4. Cyanide and Happiness Show, Season 1.
  5. @TheCmdrRex I'm glad you like that, hope it make you happy
  6. More Authoritarian and embracing of the Kim dynasty as living God's than the other commie states. If that's you defence for being a failure and a disappointment, that fine. I'll remember this...Rex.
  7. ...Commie
  8. America is a third world country? A way around that is point form/bullet points.
  9. That is context that we do not see in the scroll text. The scroll text refers to OS News being the only source of Official Olympus News, and makes no reference to other non-official News sources and/or previous news sources. Therefore, the statement "This is the Official Olympus News on OS News" is grammatically correct. @TheCmdrRex F - (You fail English, sir.)
  10. 감사합니다!
  11. These are the official Olympus News... This is the Official Olympus News Only one News, therefore it is "This is" not "These are"
  12. No.
  13. Hi dad :) Can I have a cookie?



    if you know what I mean

    1. Mercury


      Sure thing, just open wide!

      if you know what I mean

    2. Strikke


      will do :pog:

    3. Ignis


      @TheCmdrRex You jelly?

  14. B- Spelling errors and improper punctuation.