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  1. The update is a moot point anyways... Least I didn't kill the R&R...JK Love you @Childish
  2. I wish I had put in a rule stating "If shits retarded, just dip" @Childish could you toss that in there somewhere?
  3. See above for explanation, I may have also been high and playing a game, who knows?
  4. Hit the nail on the head, that or I was in receipt of fellatio. Straight rum usually Indeed, it used to be "Gather round children, its drunk story time"
  5. @DeadPool "He took 5 retard"
  6. Ah...the @Ham of the R&R You we're the first age exemption, we had the clear intent of restricting age exempt people from supervisor...but little did we know that you would rise up to be one of the best medics and members of this community. I never once felt regret in accepting you into the R&R or promoting you to a senior position, you earned that based on the merits of your actions and your remarkable character. You will forever remain part of the R&R legacy. Take care and good luck in your future endeavors, you have a bright future. 07 LuketheSup
  7. You goofed, it happens, I've done it in the community and IRL, for the work you did: thank you, for your goof: no worries buddy o7
  8. I love you. Welcome to retirement. Snap me anytime buddy. You served well. 

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    2. Excision


      On Internet forums for military simulator begging for money.

    3. Dante


      damn Bro you’re so original and hilarious! I’ll hope you never have to bury a father tho. Keep it real dog. 

    4. Mercury


      I'll keep in touch buddy, thanks for the welcoming to retirement :) 

  9. Fuck that place, only region of Canada where I had to pull out cause them prairie whores would take every penny you had if you pumped a bastard into them.
  10. Oh yeah, denied, try again in 2 months and we will look at it again
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