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  1. just watched a hour long documentary on talking gorillas ima kms 

    1. Jesse


      Harambe would've appreciated this...   @Airman

    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Time well spent.

  2. Nobody in B died because as soon as i saw the feed i told every one to alt F4 and the 2 guys that didnt the hacker didnt kill switch them he just sent them about 5km up in the air but it didnt matter because they were in a heli Does any one else think its suspicious that Keemstar only has 2 post which theyre both complaining about something we get fucked constantly by hackers too tbh
  3. To say the admins don't care about the community that they work so hard for is very disrespectful. Although i i don't always agree with some of the staff decisions i've never questioned their ability to make them. If you think that logs give you everything you need to actually ban someone and then your obviously way inexperienced to judge them.
  4. um yeah I get 30 frames 5km when all you can see is blue and I record every thing What are they supposed to do when there is no video proof. like sentencing someone to prison without evidence.
  5. OMG great story!!! is there a movie coming soon???
  6. um... what just happened
  7. Exactly how much "dollah" do you need?
  8. Pretty sure getting paid isn't in the job description
  9. I have recently left TI and i'm not regretting this choice at all. Wish we weren't enemies but who cares. I have also been wondering if there is i way to change my forum name to Kronos if there is please contact me via forums or if your an admin it would be awesome if you would change it for me.


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    2. Trenton


      You've obviously never listened to Gwen Stefani if you can't even spell bananas. smh

    3. TheKronos


      First of all I meant to spell it like that and I've seen you in the ts before jopple 

    4. Dustin87



  10. WTF
  11. im pretty sure it was him taling. almost shit my pants!
  12. they got ddosed. Thomas as a stalker in his stream that ddosed every server he went on. They are using lizard squad stresser it could be down for a long time. i cant check right now becuase im in English. #thuglife he as a MIC me and some TI buddies heard him talk. he just chooses not to use it.