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  1. Good idea but for now a prowler full of deputies is gonna have to do
  2. We Love U Roguey 


    1. Energy


      :FeelsBad: :FeelsBad: 

      Dosent give me credit :FeelsBad::FeelsBad:

  3. l it was i bunch of randies... kinda like u
  4. ok bud first things first g3T gud. I actually escorted a diamond run earlier today, so what ur saying is false. From what i can tell either the sirens scared the robber enough he left or it was already done when they got there. Also they said they would let u go in 20 min which should be a red flag to u. Since u studied the handbook so well im sure u know processing can only last 15 min without interference. Anyways i'm pretty sure they let u go after they were done processing u hehe xd. i love how u legit make up rules as soon as ur able to speak. like i get how a rotor tap can be seen as vdm to newer player, but there is nothing anywhere that says "u have to respond to the situation u originally meant to". btw u should try to press c
  5. we are crashing this shit all night till we get in 


  6. shitter stop locking it


  7. SERVER 3????? Where are U

  8. Looking for server 1 moonshine house message me if ur selling

    1. paully


      yeah i am


  9. https://gyazo.com/e7bb2cfec4ac4415b501d8bba7b2cc69 selling server 2 abdera 4 crater. message me offers
  10. ummmmm ..... -1 1 kill of a guy in a car cant tell if he's geared pretty much all cops rest of the clips are u mostly potatoing fresh spawns when u have a GA, some aren't looking at u, others are hoping out of cars.
  11. #WillThrowForMoney ....
  12. just watched a hour long documentary on talking gorillas ima kms 

    1. Jesse


      Harambe would've appreciated this...   @Airman

    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Time well spent.


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