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  1. @Ignis I love you
  2. So does this mean I can get unbanned
  3. Hey I am not a ban evader I actually didn't even do anything to be banned can I be unbanned now. Thanks!
  4. Another code for 5 overwatch crates


    1. Extrentic


      Wish I had overwatch

  5. For any of you nerds who play Overwatch 


  6. Yeah but that really doesn't mean anything just shortens the time of the first wave.
  7. Don't understand how the new update will make people do less feds. It only clears up the time taking cops to get there.
  8. But what about the rebels trying to simulate a gang force? huehue
  9. Tman this Tman that. The real question is why don't I have admin.

    1. Homicide


      Lol #Grenade for mod 

    2. Ignis


      We don't have good enough insurance for you to be admin

    3. Rusty


      why is ignis a mod? Truth?

  10. suck me ass
  11. Asylum shit talking is so cringe???????????/
  12. What the fuck is recoil bonus.
  13. @Economic Must feel nice playing on a server that can't stay up more than 30 minutes without crashing.
  14. oooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3

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