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  1. wake up 😔

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      Unfortunately, I don't think he's coming back.

  2. hi u on


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    2. asdasd123


      Spamming will not make it faster probably the opposite. Stop spamming the admins honestly just wait your turn and make a appeal. God damn its not hard

    3. Linka


      hades should be back soon, he's on vacation or something 

    4. Goodman


      Your best bet is sending a personal message to a Support Team member. It's our job to not get annoyed :)

  3. Hello I have recently reported someone for VDM but my problem, is, i had to share my twitch url in order to show the video, main reason being is the maximum allowable size of an attachment is .49 Mgb....but 30 sec of recording is already 4.51 mgb. What is the best way for me to provide my videos, I am very adamant about this because if i cannot provide a proper report then there's no guarantee i will stay on a server that i cannot get issues resolved on.


    thanks again.

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    2. brodyunderwood1


      hades will get right to it i'm sure

    3. Talindor


      I'm saying make sure you put time stamps in your videos if there gonna be 10-15-20-30 minutes long so we can view them at the time the alleged infraction occurred.

    4. Brennan


      Rest in peace my boy Hades :( 

  4. if it is your b-day, happy b-day hades

  5. Hi, I am interested in becoming an APD officer. I am tired of people abusing the law on servers and I want to make the game more fun for everyone!

  6. if i want to be a medic in Atlis life. which website i need to go?

  7. Ya never know, on a side note I don't think I ever open steam anymore to be honest...lol. I prob have a dozen messages if i were to go and check..
  8. Damnit, don't make me come back and put you all in your places....lol
  9. While I haven't been on the server in a bit last I checked the Vigi shop has a chest rig that is pretty much the same as the GA in regards to stats. Everyone can get that unless it was changed.
  10. Ace is always a good guy to pick on imo...lol

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