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  1. Can we get a list in memory of the people that got perm'd I'm curious as to who all got the hammer.

  2. Happy Birthday Ocean Man @Poseidon

  3. How's everyone's St Patrick's Day? What y'all do?

    1. Corporal_moob



      Everybody just forget this day exists.

      shit day.

      Luck O' the fenians.

      Bastard Irish.


    2. Ignis
  4. Lol thought you were talking about when someone kidnaps your gangmember.
  5. Persistence of things you want will eventually come true if you put your heart to it.

  6. "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."

    -William Shakespeare

    Edited by Mr Kevin
  7. #BringBackAPDTagsInTS

  8. @Fedot With the great ideas
  9. My mom and I will be there
  10. Happy Birthday @Pinkstreak

    1. Kanger



  11. Oh yea. Post Malone is great. No Option and Patient have to be my favorite songs from his latest album. What i'm really waiting for is an album by him but more importantly Drake's More Life that's supposed to drop this month. Along with Meek Mill's DC4.5 that's supposed to drop the same day or a day later according to him. and Deja Vu
  12. Yeeeeees! I have a lot of Post Malone and Migos' new album on there. Young Thug is eh for me tbh but I still do have a couple of songs of his.