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  1. Literally done fighting until something is done about vigis at warzone. 3 Different gangs camping gangshed because they are bad makes it impossible to push the gang on cap. This is the exact shit that is going to ruin gang life and cut the server pop in half

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    2. Felipeee


      Hmm a leader of TI camping a gang shed viging us. Little bit a hypocracy going on here. retards

    3. Buffalo Bill

      Buffalo Bill



    4. Monkeysz
  2. 3Rip u got some insane montages man. lmao teach me the way's my dude

  3. Cops have now been raiding cartels for 3+ hours straight now and I'm about ready to flip the fuck out

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    2. Google


      That's why I don't even waste time trying to fight cartels.

    3. Tom
    4. ChrisGG


      you forgot to tag @Ron

  4. Selling Armed Huron and 7.62 sup 10 mil for each one pm me if interested

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    2. Africa


      @Shiv1 armed huron here is your chance b

    3. Shiv1


      h0w much armed huron 

    4. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      Selling Armed Huron and 7.62 sup 10 mil for each one pm me if interested @Shiv1

  5. Didn't know the new strat was to camp gang shed with vigi loadouts if you can't beat a gang better than you.

  6. armed quilin is sold and 7.62 suppressor is like 10 mil at least
  7. Update - basically everything is still for sale + a 7.62 suppressor
  8. they go for 200k a piece
  9. if you find someone that sells a 6.5 suppressor for less than 2.5 mil lmk
  10. mar-10 sells for 2.5 mil and its 40 warpoints and 6.5 suppressor is 50 warpoints. 800k is way under what it goes for.
  11. Ill buy the 6.5 suppressor, 250k?

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    2. Panera


      DRK arent you the kid that was trying to kill himself when you were selling gear to Cat and was "2 sad and tears were flowing down your eyes so you couldnt fly" neck retard

       Titimus is a vigi rat

    3. Titimus


      So war me so you can kill me?

    4. =DRK=VACation


      They can't their all talk, they got money and they know people about it oh and they have numbers but that's a good thing when you are at war with them and you just roam around with a pdub 

  12. gl finding that guy again

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