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  1. Is anyone's arma not starting when you try to start it in the launcher?

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    2. Dejay


      try going into your steamapps/common/arma 3 and use 6ab06a255fdea5de63f2410a1ee24a43.png 

      it's a bypass of the launcher and see if that it your problem. It's what I use so I don't have to click play on the launcher, you can just start arma with the battleeye. If that doesn't work, go into your task manager and make sure battleeye isn't running in the background.

    3. DeadPool1337


      I had the same thing I just re downloaded it

    4. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      43 minutes ago, DeadPool1337 said:

      I had the same thing I just re downloaded it

      u just reinstalled the whole game?

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