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  1. Thanks Dili
  2. i know that i did not exploit, but are there any numbers on me? and in case i accidentally impounded my own car cause didn't think more of it, how much was it?
  3. well, i can at least with my hand on the bible say that i NEVER did this exploit once!... so hopefully i didn't get punished by the idiots who did... But the numbers that are put out, is that from the exploit or total from using it legit?
  4. Hahahah R&R GH representing
  5. This is getting frustrating... 


    aparantly one of my profiles are corrupted today, and the info box where you can see the registration of a vehicle is out of the screen for me and i have no fucking idea how to fix it 

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    2. Phizx


      Change your interface size , you must have it set to Large or some thing

    3. Jesse


      Its your interface size. Set it to small

    4. FluffyTEDDY


      it was at normal, and has allways been like that, but after my game crashed it changed... it is back to normal now tho..

  6. Fuck yeah, downloading now Can't wait to test it out
  7. Again thanks for the super awesome menu And a super massive thanks for the great work on it
  8. I agree.. The new medic menu they have created is massive and awesome and will help out so much.. So Olympus needs our devs <3
  9. Super big +1 on the new medic menu, only - i have is that the DNR/DC won't show up on the map when you mark a player with it
  10. Well.. I have to agree with Gary on this one... I know i can be pretty mad at times, but getting the punch in the stomach hearing that one of our devs wants to leave due to the toxic manners in this community is not okey, hope this dev can see that we can change and that this dev chooses to stay and continue his/hers good work with the server
  11. I say keep the taze and restrain of cops, but implement a rule to prevent it happening on fed,jail and BW
  12. not my dekstop, but the pictures can be used to promote our server by showing it to the outside world
  13. They look really good Continue to make theese good for promoting Olympus
  14. They did not see that comming xD