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  1. Gratulerer med dagen ^-^


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    2. Metro


      record and report bud

    3. Augustus


      lmao, you made your third “leaving” post and you’re already back on the server.

    4. FluffyTEDDY


      Memes :D Not back - just playing once in a while when there is nothing else to do :P And Dili :DI WILL YELL IF I FEEL LIKE IT :D:D:D 

  3. Take me to support Ecks Dee

    1. ScreaM


      welcome back

  4. Thanks Muth, same to you my friend It has been fun being a proud member of R&R and being under your command Who knows, maybe i'll return one day to see how it is I will Bojo, you to my norwegian friend
  5. Haha It is for real this time Like i said, i will be comming on from time to time, so don't be to suprised if you encounter me ingame
  6. The time has come for me to departure from this community... First off i would like to say thank you to each and everyone of you Thank you for all the good memories and all the fun times we've had I leave here with so many good memories and so few bad ones.... I am not gonna make a long goodbye post - but there is a few people i would like to give a special thanks to @Isaac Newton, @Muthinator, @Tman15tmb, @Peter Long, @McDili, Mercury, Dante Fleury and a few others, you guys know who you are Thank you guys so much for all the support you've given me during the time i've been in this community I will still come on from time to time, but won't be active enough to have any major role in this community any longer So with this is step down from both R&R and Support team... I wish the members of both theese awesome teams the very best and i'll see you guys from time to time <3 It is has been fun, and now i am saying goodbye for now <3 <3
  7. Nice to see the change I personally was one of thoose who enforced to no engagement trough the cop/medic chat, and it got really stupid at times cause they should be able to do so, so this is a much needed and long overdue change It's gonna make it alot easier now for both sides to communicate better i all of the situations they should encounter ingame
  8. This is so nice.... There is a new arma 3 update aparantly, but Steam shows no updates for arma 3, do i really have to buy the jet DLC to get the game to update? 


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    2. Serpico


      Make sure you're not on a profiling branch.

    3. DeadPool


      Take off any beta you have then download 

    4. FluffyTEDDY


      Had to verify game cache to get it to work

  9. Why does every update turn into a hate fuckfest towards medics just cause we get stuff updated as well?

    1. Lucki


      Medics didn't get shit for the longest time (besides bench-presses, hummingbirds on sticks, and lots of other random objects inside the HQ). Glad you guys get some love :)

    2. Tman15tmb


      Nothing like a good ole fashion hummingbird on a stick.

  10. Sooo good to have my computer back 

    1. SPBojo


      Nice! Getting mine back tomorow most likely, cant wait, feel like a child waiting to enter the candy store!

    2. FluffyTEDDY
  11. Sorry that my face makes you feel that way boy And no, not using it to get attention at all, if you would read all the comments this started as a resignation post, but ended up with me staying cause of awesome people wanting me to stay.. But you're not getting rid of me so get used to it Again if the admins could lock or delete i would apriciate it
  12. It was an up and comming resignation post, but seeing how thoose who are not trolls actually wants me to stick around i decided not to complete the resignation and instead decided to stay.. Like stated in previous comments, one of my reasons for not leaving is Lincoln, other reasons are people like you, dilli and the rest of the awesome staff members of this community... You and me have our arguments and disagreements, but at the end of the day i still repsect you cause of all the things you and the rest of sr R&R have done for me... As for @Dante Fleury's comment, yes i can be toxic to, not trying to hide it, but i never go as far as bully someone, if i step out of line and get confronted with it i allways apologize.. but as stated above, you and the rest of the staff team and certain R&R members have made it easy for me to change my mind and continue to be apart of this Community Please lock and or delete this post
  13. Lool
  14. To be fair, @Lincoln Williams made me change my mind about leaving, so your stuck with me still Bojo, luv yah 2 you viking butthole
  15. Well, you where and still are a LEGEND in this community, and i've had many fun times playing on the servers along side with you Hahaha xD well, Lincoln you've made my mind, not leaving your sorry ass to rot alone xD you and me are gonna rule the skies once my computer gets back from service

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