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  1. https://gyazo.com/b0524a1ebe73aa3ab1d9838a5cb2a249
  2. WTB up to 100 cop sting tasers, will buy every single one you have. PM me or msg here.
  3. From APD handbook: Seizure of Weapons - Illegal items(including Blackwater items) should be seized when the opportunity presents itself (preferably before transport). Please refer to the Ticket Guide for examples of probable cause. Can u clarify what the preferably before transport means @ChrisGG, if you transport them then what? For instance an HQ takeover in kavala, if the opportunity presents itself to seize illegal items, such as the threats have been neutralized, or 2 mins have passed from the last shot, then why shouldn't we quickly seize illegal weapons, why leave a guy in hq with a mk1 when this states we can seize it "when the opportunity presents itself". It is very likely that in the middle of going through LIST that a rookbanger will run in and try to rescue their guy and now you have to deal with a mk1.
  4. hands up or die @AnimeWarlord
  5. If you are in the car, ie. life may be threatened, then blast away. If it is just a $500 repair kit you need that doesn’t warrant murder. Or do the sensible thing and text him hands up or die when he stops paying attention. Also this probably occurred in Kavala...avoid Kavala if you can’t handle trollz.
  6. No, he is free to shoot back at you and all you can do is run away and try to reinitiate. If you shoot back at him and kill him that’d be RDM. key take away is don’t randomly shoot at people and this issue is avoided.
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