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    1. Grandma Gary
    2. KrispyK


      dont @ grandma he will make you put peanut butter on your face to get unbanned


    3. Peter Long
  1. Where's gary >:(

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    2. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      It’s a Rover and the engine won’t turn over. 

    3. Ignis
    4. Colt


      Gary is currently fucking cucking me right now. Last known position Jail shooting me on epi timer.

  2. Dude @Grandma Gary why the fuck do you have that song on your profile page

    1. Joel.KX125


      I’m your biggest fan!! From T Cloak to FaZe Cloakzy <3

    2. McDili


      Ayyyy if it isn't Cloakzy

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I challenge you to go to the Youtubes and find a single song that is better.

  3. sAPD NOW WE’RE HERE, Cya all soon ? 

    1. Linka


      You’re so fake, didn’t even answer me in ur chat

    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Now that you're an E-celeb plz sign my Steam account and send nudes

      Thx ^_^

  4. Sometimes I lurk some videos and miss olympus and a lot of you.  But mostly to just laugh at the shitty montages.

    1. badaim


      oh hey cloak buddy ha ha


      let me have this shirt thanks | v | cLoak.

      - | v | badaim <3 :* ;] ;]

  5. Hi friends

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    2. QKSILVR73


      Go cloak yourself

    3. Fedot


      1 hour ago, Lethals Loaded said:

      Andrew and MBPslayer miss you dearly son, come back soon x


    4. Mr Kevin
  6. sorry dad

    1. Talindor


      Attempting to park my car. Transgender folks. Surfing with midgets. The interest of 7 dudes.


  7. cloak could you check my APD app i put my player ID on it.


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