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  1. How it's been trying to find @McDili lately when you need something from him.





    1. ikiled
    2. DashTonic


      You find Jesse there too

    3. N7Zero


      idk about that @ikiled


      it looks like he is.. playing other games...

      Image result for suspicious meme

  2. Going outside today, wish me luck :D



    1. Mr. Fenwick

      Mr. Fenwick

      Its a tough world out there. Good luck!

  3. RIP Avicii mannnnnnnnn

  4. Ignis

    You gotta grind for that moneyyyy
  5. 14 days past april 1st

    1. Ignis


      April fools

  6. Happy birthday you racist fuck! :D

    1. Kanger


      Mah nigguh!

  7. Ignis

    Y'all just about as educated as this guy:
  8. Zazo

    ill miss u and playing rust with you and your vivid signs

    1. K3control


      hes not dead u can still play with him

  9. The raining bullets from the top of office building will be me and my mk200.
  10. Ignis

    Naw. Had to do it sooner or later.
  11. Ignis

    I had fun pissing people off and putting them in corners and endlessly searching through thousands of lines of logs to find shitters like [KS] duping on medic. I got real life shit to do now and I don't want to be spending my small amount of free time on doing tickets and other various administrator acts. Thanks to everyone who played with me from Jan 2015 till now making Olympus fun. Especially @Corporal Moob and all of the other OG MC members back in the day when I was always about to be kicked because of how shit I was at the game (still am). Peace
  12. Ur profile song literally explains @Proud right now


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