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  1. Ignis

    Arma is roasting that CPU
  2. Ignis

    This is why you want to use condoms kids.
  3. Who would be down to play civ 5

  4. Ignis

    Use intergrated graphics. Uninstall graphic drivers and see if that changes anything
  5. Ignis

    Does it just not boot period? Try uninstalling the graphics card driver then plug the card back in and see if that does anything. Also I have a FX8350 if you want to buy it.
  6. Makosin, congrats on your B.S. in Lap Doggery

    Big gay

    1. Moose


      He must have learned from you and Peter long

    2. Mako


      I'm too uneducated to know what a B.S. is

  7. For every $10 donated this month we will make @Peter Long walk up a flight of stairs!

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. DeadPooL


      @DashTonic Help peter loose weight for the community 

    3. DashTonic


      @DeadPoll only if Peter can walk on his hands for 10sec without help


    4. Ignis


      @DashTonic I don't think many people can do that...

  8. Just a friendly reminder that I am a ban happy admin and server advertisement is a fat perm :)

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    2. Ignis


      @Zurph I get high off of my internet ego.

    3. DeadPooL


      So shoulldnt we perm all the google followers for advertising his server and IP grabber

    4. bigPat


      fuck off cunt

  9. Ignis

    But I want to make it harder to lose and also that civ was having fun and we cannot let that happen!
  10. Re-posted because the last person to make it didn't even highlight what was different. Chapter 10: Declaring Terror on Cities 7. Helicopters may only be used for transport in the terror location. Chapter 13: Red / Illegal Zone / Rebel Outposts 1. Red zones are KOS, no RP is required by Civilians. Gas Stations are never redzones. (Exception: Killing a player in restraints inside of a red zone is still considered Fail RP). Chapter 14: Explosive Items 3. When using a titan on aerial vehicles the pilot must first be directly notified stating your demands and that you are using a Titan, if demands are not met (within reason) you may fire on the air unit with said titan. If a titan message is sent during an active engagement and the engagement lasts longer then 5 minutes, the player may still fire the titan at the pilot that was messaged if the demands were still not met.

    1. Homicide


      Are u ok Ignis

    2. Headless



    3. MonsteReZ


      should i call r&r and ask them if they can fix autism?

  12. Ignis

    Is even more terrifying drawn

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