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  1. Happy birthday @Gibbs! (you're the cuter one ;) )

  2. If you had a camo one in your house crates we switched it to the black one, and vice versa. The cops now have the black version.
  3. On player report 41906 you said that "no rules were broken", however there was a broken rule. even if you could make out what they said which I cannot(sounds like whistling), they clearly did not wait 5 seconds before killing us. "When engaging role-play, you must give the player time to react (at least 5 seconds) do not immediately fire on the player." I dont even care if he gets banned anymore, can you please at least give me compensation for my chopper's Full Coverage insurance? Compensation Request: https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/41910/

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    2. Bow


      Submit a comp request not a status update.

    3. Ignis


      I'll look at it again. But submit a comp request like Bow said 

    4. Savage


      Yea i feel we shuld riot against @Ignis he is the WORST admin known to man and he should actually neck himself cause his mom have very big gay

  4. If you're killed by a civ your dope timer goes past server restart so basically it has unlimited time to get dope.
  5. Happy Birthday Man!

  6. Just a small modification for some clarification. Chapter 1: No Random Death Match [RDM] Killing or tazing another player without any role-play will result in administrative action.
  7. @Peter Long sitting on the job 


    1. DeadPool


      afking cop time

    2. K3control



      I think you uploaded the wrong photo.. here is the real one

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      I cucked him 

  8. 302 - Assassin's Creed Origins
  9. @Pledge is

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