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  1. Free @DeadPool it's just a game. Let him and other people play and have fun. Nobody is perfect enough to follow those nazi rules all the time :shrug:

  2. iPopsicle

    Does he smoke the pole?
  3. iPopsicle

    It's Ignis lol
  4. iPopsicle

  5. iPopsicle

    Wanted to react to this post but I don't see downvote button anymore so I am gonna like it instead. Take that staff!
  6. iPopsicle

    Dude let's have zero patience because I want these actual people to drop all their responsibilities that pertain to their personal health and financials to respond to my suspension to a server in a video game. *Knock knock* You there dumb ass? People don't get paid for this you know. I played this server for years without getting banned for breaking a rule so my advice to you is don't break a rule. And also to flex your donations to this server. It was your choice to donate you should never use that as leverage to get priority lol.
  7. iPopsicle

  8. Selling forums account: positive K/D and no rep limit. Put offers below :-)

  9. Dick is gross after not eating it for 6 months holy shit. 

  10. iPopsicle

    It's fo real this time I swear
  11. iPopsicle

    lol i would like it if I could you brave soul bless your heart
  12. iPopsicle

    Dabble in as many different fields as you can because there's a lot to do out there in the software world it's insane. I haven't even touched the surface.

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