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  1. Selling cop gear for only 250k 

  2. https://www.reviewgeek.com/56385/7-games-to-play-if-you-love-among-us/
  3. google Do a Barrel Roll or click HERE

  4. google Askew or just click HERE

    1. WALT


      Bro I just clicked on your links, Im currently high asf and it’s got me tweaking on a whole other level😂

  5. https://www.bohemia.net/blog/arma-3-creator-dlc-csla-iron-curtain-is-coming-soon
  6. go sub the the boys 


  7. bad paste? check that what cooler do you have?
  8. Zahzi is a fucking don't worry about him
  9. @all2080tiretards

    1. Lime


      Can't wait to finesse desperate 2080ti owners selling their cards for $100 lmao

  10. who here is getting 3090 🤡

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. silver


      3090 def isn't worth it @Jerrod you stupid

    3. Rogue Sweden

      Rogue Sweden


      really? what games do you play? how many games do you have open at once? do you do editing?

      if not get 3080 or 3070 either way any of the new cards are going to be better than what you have now

    4. sploding


      Bruh I have a 2080 and run triple figure frames on most games at very high or ultra, the only game where I go below 40 is ArmA.

      No way in hell I'm buying some $1000 graphics card when mine's already shit hot, if you have a 20 series card and still buy a 3070 either you hate money or you a clown.

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