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  1. I can restart my pc faster than i can load the fucking garage 

    1. rafaaa


      Put an SSD in ur garage 

  2. https://olympus-entertainment.com/3rip

    Why was this removed?

    This sum bullshit

    @3 Rip

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I think the actual video was either removed or privated so the link jet led to a page with a video that wasn't there =(

    2. Rogue


      That's 😥

      That was a true olympus entertainment 

  3. this @Zahzi retard eats plain baguette like its fucking steak
  4. Good i fucking hate my countries language 

    Like look at this



    Fuxkibg shit language 

    Can't even type xörrwxtly 


    1. Tech


      ever considered you're just retarded

      3 year olds can do the letters

  5. Gangs should be active starting with past 2 weeks
  6. Enjoy the holidays better than I did.

    Don't end up in a ditch like me 


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Silton


      @Zahzi it seems like @Rogue Swedens driving is very close to his in game driving

    3. Rogue



      there are no deer it Arma 

      And wow I was hoping Noone would say anything 

    4. Zahzi


      6 hours ago, Silton said:

      @Zahzi it seems like @Rogue Swedens driving is very close to his in game driving

      And to think that this man wants to fly helicopters, smh

  7. Fucking USPS are really brainless 

    fucking blows my mind, 

    rip new GPU 


    i dont even care anymore



    Your item could not be delivered to the intended recipient or returned to sender. It has been disposed of by USPS.




    Disposed by Post Office


    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. yung matt
    3. MAV


      USPS  delivers global but is based in US... but i bet someone is loving their new 3080 🙂

    4. Derek


      @DeadPool come get your mans bro

  8. Ill win Right @Zahzi? enjoy the Pizza with bacon breadsticks
  9. can we please have this

    will donate 100$


  10. selling AK12 taser

    1. Noahhh!
    2. Rogue


      gave it to some randy and told him to tase the police,

      ended up with 2MXM's and an mk1 🤣

  11. Anyone played Assassin's Creed Valhalla yet and if so how is it?


    1. Drippp


      It’s very fun, I recommend it.

  12. i got a mar10 for u msg me for price

    1. Monks


      get copyright striked idiot

    2. Rogue


      This is not a copyright strike. This claim does not affect your account status.

      Video title: He doesn't want to go
      Copyrighted content: Linda Sarsour
      Claimed by: ViacomCBS

    3. Monks


      hahahahaha u got copy striked by an arab lady

  14. stop fucking quoting me, i am not a fucking cop anymore

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