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  1. Preface - Application Process and Rank Progression Application - Application info can be found HERE Interviews will test the rule knowledge of candidates. Asking a senior APD member for an interview is the best way to delay it Ranks Deputy Entry level APD officer, should be learning the rules Upon promotion to Deputy, anytime you login for the next 3 days must be on cop. If you log into Civ within this period, you will be removed. (This does not apply to previous officers of the APD.) Minimum of 1.800 minutes on Server New Deputies will no longer be restricted to playing only cop (they can log in and play Civ) in there first 3 days as a new APD Officer. As always post any questions below. @Deputy Chief of Police, @Senior APD Member & @APD Member
  2. This is all weapons illegal and legal. If a suspect has a charge/committed an action that warrants the seizure of a firearm and a higher-up was involved in the situation you would need to be granted permission by said higher-up. If they're involved in the processing at that point they're involved with the situation so they would be the higher-up, at this point an officer would need to confer and be granted permission. Good explanation - "If you are not in the situation then you don’t have to deal with the request and also being in Kavala doesn’t mean you were in involved". If you were not involved in the situation then the officer(s) involved wouldn't have to ask permission as you wouldn't be the higher-up in the situation. Eg. A Corporal is responding to a Pharma and a Patrol Officer has apprehended a suspect in Kavala and doesn't feel it neccesary to seize the suspect's weapon. As the Corporal or no higher-up was involved in the situation he would not need to ask for permission to allow the suspect to keep their weapon.
  3. @rabid Happy Birthday!

  4. APD Ticket Guide Abbreviations as listed in Wanted+ Menu The listed ticket prices below are mandatory for Deputies, you may not deviate from the current listed amounts unless given approval from a higher up. SW - Seize Weapon SV - Seize Vehicle Depending on the suspect and the roleplay, Patrol Officers may deviate a ticket up to a range of 25% while Corporals have a range of 50% (Can write half tickets) when no higher ups are available. VW - Verbal Warning LEO - Law Enforcement Officer Two chances for a suspect to pay a ticket is required, while a third chance to pay may be given as a courtesy. You should not exceed three chances to pay. VL - Seize Vigi License # - Lower Vigi Tier Suspects MUST to be sent to jail if they fail to pay their tickets or have an escaping jail charge (No ticket to be given). Gov't - Government Ilg. - Illegal Suspects MAY be sent straight to jail for charges of hostage situation, charges of kidnapping a Gov't Official, 15 or more manslaughters. Pharm. - Pharmaceutical Veh. - Vehicle All crimes involving a weapon may result in the weapon being seized. The highest ranking officer involved in the situation decides whether a weapon will not be seized. Verbal Warnings are given as a courtesy Pos. - Possession (*) - Automatic Charge Patrol Officers and higher have the ability to add charges. Proper judgement should be used when adding charges. Keep in mind that when a charge warrants the seizure of a license it does not mean you have to seize the license at the time of processing. All crimes involving a weapon may result in the weapon being seized. The highest ranking officer involved in the situation decides whether a weapon will not be seized. The introduction of this line to the ticket guide is to ensure that Officers confer with their higher-up and get permission from them to allow a civilian to keep the weapon they're in possession of. As always post any comments or questions below. @Deputy Chief of Police, @Senior APD Member & @APD Member
  5. Chapter XI - Federal Events[edit] Federal Events are defined as The Federal Reserve(Fed), The Federal Penitentiary (Jail), and the Blackwater Weapons Facility (BW/Blackwater) Order of Priority: Blackwater, Federal Reserve, Jail No RP is required to engage players that are participating in a federal event (doors being cut open and/or bomb planted). All APD are free to fire on players in these circumstances. If you see a player (Clearly participating in a federal event) you can shoot them. APD may not enter the domes prior to the event unless someone is trapped inside If 5 or less officers are online during a Jailbreak, wave rule is not required. If an officer leaves an active fed they must return to the HQ before the next wave can begin. Exception: If all the cops at the federal event chase the rebels out of the federal event (The outer Anti-Air Circle) the next wave may begin You may re-enter the federal event if chasing a suspect in. Active Federal Events If the bomb is planted or doors are being cut open If there are 4 or less officers on duty, then the officers who are online are not required to respond. APD Officer(s) can be instructed by an active SAPD/Retired Chief not to respond to an active Federal Event and may instead conduct other APD duties. APD may not utilize vans at any federal events. This is intended for balance so civilians doing Federal Events aren't forced to face an overwhelming number of APD Officers uneccesarily and active SAPD/Retired Chief can prevent this at Federal Events as otherwise Officers would be obligated to respond. APD Officers are still able to play the server and make their times (rather than the alternative of logging off) whilst an active Federal Event is taking place for balance. https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/index.php?title=APD_Handbook&diff=3538&oldid=3531 As always post any comments or questions below. @Deputy Chief of Police, @Senior APD Member & @APD Member
  6. Congrats on Chief, well deserved candidate.

  7. Chapter VIII - Searches and Seizures Seizure of Vehicles Illegal vehicles should be seized at the end of the situation after getting the order from the highest ranking APD officer at the situation. Civilian vehicles left at Federal Events/Bank/Art Gallery will be seized. Vehicles containing $350,000 $500,000 or more of the following can be seized: Illegal items (Market value) Weapons (Market value) Drugs Contraband (Market value) Vandalized APD Hatchbacks are subject to seizure. Chapter VIII - Searches and Seizures Search warrants allow Sergeants+ to enter the premises to capture suspects and/or contraband. The raid must be announced and must be exercised within 45 minutes of the situation being deemed clear. Search warrants can only be executed 5 minutes after notifying the owner or keyholder, unless the suspect is in custody. House/gang shed searches are authorized when: An APD member has a form of probable cause (bounty, illegal weapon, etc.) and witnesses a civilian interacting with, shooting out of, or taking refuge in/on a house/gang shed in any form. The Sergeant+ has discretion on whether or not to conduct a search. Example: A Civilian utilizing their house's roof or balcony to provide a combat advantage while engaged with the APD. https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/index.php?title=APD_Handbook&diff=cur&oldid=3495 As always post any comments or questions below. @Deputy Chief of Police @Senior APD Member @APD Member
  8. Chapter V - Processing Suspects While processing a suspect they may waive their rights verbally or in writing and allow and officer to process them despite any active situations. Once waived, the suspect cannot take back these rights. Suspects may waive their rights to pay tickets and opt to be sent straight to jail. They are to be placed into a “panic room” with the door closed and they can be processed. A “panic room” is a room with a single door. Chapter XII - Fines and Penalties The wanted player must be in a “panic room.” If someone enters the room and starts shooting, processing must stop. A “panic room” is a room with a single closed door. Chapter VIII - Searches and Seizures Seizure of Money Any person(s) who is seen involved with a robbery of any kind, inside an illegal area, charged with conducting a federal reserve robbery/drug trafficking, or interacting with a vehicle that falls into these categories may have any cash seized upon their search. Chapter IX - Checkpoints & Patrol Guidelines Traffic Stops Traffic stops can be conducted when a vehicle’s driver or a passenger is wanted or is seen breaking traffic laws. Only check the licenses of the driver or passengers who are wanted/have committed a crime in front of an officer. Speed Limits are as follows: Inside city limits - 75 Km/h Outside city limits / back roads - 100 Km/h Outside city limits / highway - 125 Km/h APD Checkpoints Patrol Patrol Officers+ may leave city limits Chapter X - Illegal Areas Airdrop raids: Officers may only enter for a singular wave. Sergeant+ must be present for the raid. Airdrops may be raided with a maximum of 5 officers. May only lethal individuals within the airdrop. APD Officers may not utilize Armed Aerial vehicles or Armored vehicles for the raid. APD Officers must respond Code 3 to the zone. Airdrops can be seized after the area has been called clear. Sergeant+ must authorize lethals at APD HQs for Patrol Officers involved in the raid. As always post any comments or questions below. https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/index.php?title=APD_Handbook&type=revision&diff=3494&oldid=3263
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  10. @Mr GOAT I appreciate all the work you have done for the APD and all that you have taught us. I wish you the best of luck in life. o7

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