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  1. hey sorry for the spam

    but have u opened the picture on the app

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    2. rapidaax


      Quit crying and be patient

    3. ron27859
    4. Mercury


      1 hour ago, Gravity said:

      When you apply for a job irl your not calling them every hour "hey did i get the job?"

      Well fuck....that explains A LOT...wish I knew this sooner

  2. hey winter I got the info

    1. hawk


      Join disciplinary room rn

    2. ron27859


      im in


  3. @winters Congrats on FTO, well deserved.

  4. Happy birthday @Winters

  5. Happy Birthday Winters.....


    Fuckin brits


  6. Winters

    <3 you Check.
  7. Thank you Winters for your like on the "to GaFSki post for that you are rewarded 597cfea468.png      Right click - Save image as.. http://puu.sh/ph9Z3/597cfea468.png

  8. Winters

    In most situations if you don't engage with the Ghost Hawk then it can't engage with you. A fed/jail is meant to be hard not easy so the Ghost Hawk adds that bit of challenge there for the civs at these situations and especially at the jail levels the playing field for the cops. If you're unable to combat a Ghost Hawk effectively do not do a fed/jail and when you know a ranking officer that can deploy these vehicles is online try to be more sneaky with how you get around the map.
  9. Winters

    Miss you Ham. <3
  10. Winters

    Only if it showed all the old bounties. ;D
  11. Winters

    The item is valued more highly when you know who it belonged to.
  12. Winters

  13. Some nice berets would have been nice as well as the GA Rigs. :C

    1. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      G.A carrier rigs a-coming ;) 

    2. Winters


      Still no berets though. 


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