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  1. @SystemChips Congratulations. 

    1. SystemChips


      haha much appreciated brother ty

  2. @Unjo I hope to see you back, we've had some chill times on cop so good luck with your ban appeal. Regardless good luck with life though from one redcoat to another.
  3. @Kamikaze Contratulations. 

  4. @Revise Congratulations. 

    1. Revise


      thanks dude

  5. o7 Not going to be the same without you but I wish you the best of luck with life.
  6. @sploding Congratulations. c: 

  7. o7 Good luck with life. Hope to see you around in TeamSpeak still.
  8. hey sorry for the spam

    but have u opened the picture on the app

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    2. rapidaax


      Quit crying and be patient

    3. ron27859
    4. Mercury


      1 hour ago, Gravity said:

      When you apply for a job irl your not calling them every hour "hey did i get the job?"

      Well fuck....that explains A LOT...wish I knew this sooner

  9. hey winter I got the info

    1. hawk


      Join disciplinary room rn

    2. ron27859


      im in


  10. @winters Congrats on FTO, well deserved.

  11. Happy birthday @Winters

  12. Happy Birthday Winters.....


    Fuckin brits


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