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  1. Chapter XXI - April Fools[edit] Kavala Redzone APD Officers must utilize lethal force when inside the Kavala Redzone (Deputies may utilize SDARS) No wave rule is required for responding to the Kavala Redzone. Code 3 is not required inside the Kavala Redzone. APD Officers may only fire upon civilians that have fired upon them first within the Kavala Redzone. Exception: R&R and Silla, (-s-) tagged or not may be shot on site due to be being deemed domestic terrorist groups. All APD vehicles must be driven backwards
  2. PSA - APD Escort Event

    APD Officers that choose to participate in the APD Escort Event must continue to participate in the APD Escort Event until the truck reaches the drop off location or is destroyed. 

    APD Officers cannot deviate from participating in the APD Escort Event to respond to other situations, camp bodies etc.

     @Chief of Police,@Deputy Chief of Police, @Senior APD Member & @APD Member


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  3. Chapter II - Use of Force Lethal Force Lethal force is authorized only when non-lethal force has failed or is inadequate to resolve the situation. Lethals are authorized temporarily: In Warzone, Cartels, Gang Base, and any Rebel Outpost. (This includes if/when the engagement moves out of the red zone) If there is 5 or less minutes of a server restart. POs may be authorized to use lethal force by a Senior APD member during "Any Means Necessary." Tasers are inadequate to resolve the situation. If the suspect is on a roof that
  4. The APD Escort is an event that is for civs to try and collaborate in killing the APD to get the gear inside the truck. If the truck became a KOS area (RedZone) rather than a BlueZone it is a mobile KOS area that civs are able to also drive if they kill all the APD with the truck and could take it to any area such as Kavala Square and just start shooting everyone. It is also a Server Rule not an APD Master Handbook Rule so it would be staff that would need to make the change.
  5. Chapter I - Professional Standards[edit] Conduct Officers are allowed to conduct themselves casually with civilians, so long as they do not go out of their way to excessively insult a civilian or go outside the boundaries set forth by the server rules. Officers are expected to treat all players with respect. This is a two-way street. "Street language" is not frowned upon in the APD, you may RP freely as so long as you don't cross the lines of harassment, racism, and other extreme vulgarities. Anything reasonable that does not conflict with the AP
  6. RolePlay & Leniency Introduction The following post is a guide on what is expected when role-playing and demonstrating leniency as an APD Officer. Anything reasonable that does not conflict with the APD Master Handbook, Ticket Guide or Server Rules is acceptable within the spirit of role-play. Disciplinary action will not be taken for reasonable role-play. Please also read the following post: Conducting Yourself as an APD Officer As an APD Officer it is your duty to maintain the peace on Altis and you’re expected to be able to
  7. Chapter XI - Illegal Areas Any area marked with a red crosshatch is considered an illegal area, including active Banks, Jails, Blackwaters, and Federal Reserves. Officers must announce themselves when entering an illegal area with code 3. Code 3 automatically engages all armed civilians in the illegal area. Exception: No code 3 is needed when entering an active Federal Event, Bank or Art Gallery robbery. Exception: Officers may enter illegal areas with garages with the intent to pull vehicles if their vehicle has been damaged beyond repair. Offi
  8. Chapter VIII - SWAT Only SWAT has the ability to conduct Conquest Raids. A maximum amount of 10 SWAT can conduct Conquest Raids. SWAT must respond in waves. SWAT can use a maximum of 6 armoured vehicles per wave. Chapter XV - APD Equipment & Ground Vehicles APD Tools Flashbangs/Throwables are to be used only in tactical situations following proper engagement. Spike strips may be used on vehicles you are engaged with. Ensure any placed spike strips are packed backup. The SDAR may be used without SGT approval if a suspect is in the
  9. Chapter II - Use of Force Any means necessary only encompasses bypassing APD Rules and Procedures and not Server Rules. During this period you do not have to follow APD Rules or Procedures as long as it contributes to ending the any means situation. Exception: Corporals cannot authorize PO lethals during any means necessary. Exception: SWAT gear or vehicles cannot be utilized during any means necessary. Chapter VIII - SWAT SWAT Application - SWAT Application info can be found HERE SWAT must use their Chain of Command name and a SWAT | tag when conducting C
  10. APD Officers are not to use the black PO7 currently as the weapon only lethals. Once this is fixed APD Officers may use it again.

    @Deputy Chief of Police, @Senior APD Member & @APD Member

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  11. Chapter II - Use of Force Your First Weapon Your first weapon is always your voice. Always attempt to defuse a situation without firing a shot. If the situation calls for it, you may restrain a suspect or civilian if given prior warning. Non-Lethal Force Tasers may be used on a suspect who is armed, evading, or resisting arrest. Lethal Force Lethal force is authorized only when non-lethal force has failed or is inadequate to resolve the situation. Lethals are authorized temporarily: In Warzone, Cartels, Gang Bas

    1. APD Officers that might not be aware of the APD Reserves system please read the following post. 

    2. For any previous APD Officers of the rank Patrol Officer+ wanting to return to the APD that have been removed for inactivity within the last 180 days may request a Patrol Officer Interview upon re-applying to the APD. 

    @APD Member

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