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  1. People exist in timezones that are not yours
  2. Hey staff, what did I, of all people do to deserve the need to have my content approved by staff before it can be posted?

    1. Dante


      I think it’s the retired staff tag. Will fix soon. 

  3. I'm glad you're getting your shit together in your life, i know you've gone through some awful stuff. I'm happy for you! Though not entirely sure how necessary this thread was, it's cool that you got a positive outcome.
  4. I did a few times a week usually under different names. But like I said, towards the end I haven't had the motivation and stopped. Timezone difficulties as well - being the opposite timezone to peak times makes it hard as well.
  5. You know where this is going! I hate to join the crowd but.. I have university starting on Monday for my bachelor's degree and that coupled with a recent breakup and bad health issues have got me sorting my priorities. Arma 3 for me also just isn't the same game I used to enjoy. The community has lost what I used to love and I just feel unmotivated and bored playing. I've struggled to find motivation to come online since I came back in October. I've been here on and off for 3 years but this is the first time I've made a thread and a conscious decision to leave. Ill be around on the main Olympus teamspeak at times because I've made a lot of friends over the last few years I'm close to and I still want to play other games with them. Mentions! @Peter Long @McDili @[email protected] @Mercury @Midnight thank you all for being good to me this last week when I've really needed it. Means a lot. Adios o7
  6. My Blue Yeti Microphone broke last night, I won't have a new one for a few days at least I think so i won't be talking on teamspeak. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. proud


      What shall MC do without their best pilot?

    3. DeadPool


      It’s fine we’ll just have @Airman do his best female voice his normal voice is pretty close to female so you’ll be fine since neither of you can fly.

    4. Felipeee
  7. Thats what you're meant to do. Kill them if they don't follow orders. As a medic though, i'll try to save anyone sneakily.
  8. I get it, Fluffy, you've got a lot of feels. But you've said one person asked you a question and you feel the need to throw all this stuff out there to the entire community. I think you're an alright bloke, but this kinda stuff is what has in the past and continues to make you a target to people. I mean, you said one person asked you a question about your life - I'm not sure why that means you gotta air your dirty laundry out in the world like that. Why not sit down that specific person and explain to them? May as well paint a target on your face and say 'Mock me, please!' - you're giving people fuel. You also don't owe the world an explanation. Olympus is not a fuzzy bunnies and hugs community. Maybe try talking to a counselor, not literally hundreds of random people on the internet who already might have negative opinions of you. My FYI is that people have been passing the link to this around and laughing about it. Just watch what you're doing, and don't complain about the inevitable repercussions. Sorry to hear things have gone so bad for you.
  9. I hope the twitch list gets updated soon. Not just to add mine but also others cause I like watching streams from people here.

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Yours is already added.  You have to actually go live for it to show though =p

  10.  I've been doing some casual streaming as of late over at https://www.twitch.tv/shelbunny
    Toss us a follow if you want. :)

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