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  1. I've been unwell and lost my voice, i'll return soon!

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    2. CheckUrFoodNWater


      its cool.. shes cool.. we cool..


    3. Mr Kevin

      Mr Kevin

      Get better

    4. Danger


      Hope you feel better!

  2. Shelby 4 mod 

    1. Corporal_moob
    2. Barbie


      Me & Shelly belly for mod. 

      Lol jk. Shelly for mod!!!!! I want her to pop up out of nowhere while i'm robbing a store to scare me again. 10/10

  3. I'm back, sort of. I need to get my teamspeak rank 8)

  4. Got my peripherals home in checked baggage and they survived. Waiting for my PC to come by courier, then I can play real games again :o

  5. Finally I'm getting my gaming PC shipped to me! I'll be back ❤️ Merry Christmas all 

  6. Hi guys! Just dropping by, glad to see Tanoa life is go! I miss having a proper computer and will hopefully get mine shipped to me soon :(

    1. BlackJack


      Hi! Hope you come back soon

    2. Josh Tombstone

      Josh Tombstone

      Hurry up Shelby! Will be happy to see you back. :)

    3. Fastik


      Rip Shelby dude.

  7. After my long period of inactivity, I have resigned as I have been offered my full time dream job. I'll be moving interstate and probably won't be able to take my computer with me for a long time - i'm not even sure if i'll have stable internet at this point. Thanks for all the good times, I'll still be around from time to time. 

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    2. Shelby


      I'lll be working in the fashion industry :P

    3. Fedot


      Bout Time...................................JK <3

    4. CheckUrFoodNWater


      fashion industry huh? Do you have this in a beefy t?

  8. Flying out for another vacation on the 27th of March and I'll be back on the 1st of April. A heads up in case anyone wonders where I am and checks my profile :)

    1. Thomas Blinder
    2. Ventar


      I wont miss you...

    3. The Mountain

      The Mountain

      rich girl gettin all these vacations... have a good one!

  9. i'd say i love you and i'd miss you but you didnt mention me in your post. Fuck you peter
  10. Away until Friday (my time) :)

  11. Happy Valentines day. I'll still be handing cupcakes out on the servers for the next day or so! 

    1. Muthinator



  12. The more you force medics to type in side chat, the slower they are.
  13. So happy to see the donation goal was met! Well done every body! Time to roll out some sports hatchbacks.

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    2. Marty


      I've been speaking more frequently recently. You'll get your chance, Bubbaloo! ;)

    3. Shelby


      Perhaps we should have that be the next donation goal? Meet the monthly goal and Marty talks for a solid week.

    4. Marty


      I'm planning on talking much more next week, but it's probably temporary

  14. Happy Birthday!

  15. Hope you guys enjoyed the events I ran! With a few hiccups, we got there in the end!