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  1. Theak

    What's the news about Poseidon. Heard he got permed for selling the framework to asylum after to took a job there. Just curious. I ran into him and toe knee on koth the other day.
  2. Theak

    Didnt really work on they memegenerater server for psynetwork. I could see keeping deputies there to gain rp exp. Maybe have a work relieve area by salt flates. Have deputies escort them to the event durby area to manufacture parts or something.
  3. It's not even 8 am yet and I'm out of likes to give.

    Sorry no more faks to give.

    Do you have a spare fak?

  4. Theak

    MC or die Pretty simple xd
  5. Theak

    Did you submit a comp request? Also the correct answer is 12 units.
  6. If an officer sends you a text saying that you are on body cam, you don't need to get defensive and break rp calling the officer nasty names, just knock off what ever you were doing. im not getting baited bud you can learn that the hard way with your 3 years of exp you should know better... lol buahahah trolls... another one down and another one down. another one bites the dust.
    Sure some rules have changed but trolling is trolling.

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    2. Theak


      ya a bit lol ... i walked away and let him continue to try to troll other deputies...

      feck i forgot how cancer being in the apd can be buauahhaha xd

    3. Slumberjack


      lol cop can be a lot sometimes :ph34r::bender-dance:

    4. HunterBklyn


      @Theak You should have told Kayle Lake 



      @Kyle Lake <--- Mr. Bans on the spot

  7. Theak

    can you attach a rope to object... and if not can we make that a thing.
  8. Theak

    lol i saw these guys doing this i think. a gliched out atv keep killing us and then we got rdmed ya so now you can rob the gastation anywere yaaaa lol
  9. Theak

    Another one of the greats setting down their rifle. Code 0, salute Get your priorities straight and maybe we will see you around in the winter eh. Take it easy
  10. edited. talking to you now :)

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  11. So, I did a thing....!
    Deputy Theak Reporting for Duty

    1. HunterBklyn


      Congrats on Deputy!

    2. Darren Nsonowa
    3. Theak


      its kinda nice to be back to be honest... teamspeak keeps crashing though.. never had this issure... and its only with olympus... any idears


  12. Theak

    well said seems like all the MC members are echoing each other across the forms in different posts lol.
  13. Theak

    there is alot of good ideas going on here in this flame war. get it all out guys this is healthy. Dirty money seems like it would end cartels for the style of play Olympus has. what about 'dirty money' in other places, gas stations, etc. awhile back someone built off a great idea. rebel missions: collect x item and get a payout, kill x cops get a payout... titles all that good stuff. also again.. taking cartels can become a chore that is often unrewarded. so if its still the same up to 3 people influence the cartel to take it. the first 3 people should get a separate bonus paycheck also adding up the longer you stay on cap till capped and a few warpoints for completing the cap each. 1 for taking 1 for controlling and one for completing cap TO 100%. totaling 3 extra warpoints. this way the gang still gets funds and the player gets rewarded and can rotate between cappers, over watchers, anti-Roch squad, support roles etc... also there needs to be more incentive to be a higher rank in the gang.. i thought the gang leader could assign extra money but how about it goes off rank. the leader can set a cap percent per level... gang lvl 0 = 0% were gang level 4 = 40%. this could be easily adjusted by the leader. you could tie this into gang missions, bonus payouts for feds... lots of potential to grow off that. what happen to being able to take over the hq. i want 3-5 members to be able to take and hold ( prevent apd spawning) the headquarters thus allowing the purchase of rebel gear even maybe upon capture... This would make apd vs rebels blow up fast as the apd would loose nothing and have to push to get the hq back. The whole ONE FED EVENT AT A TIME needs to go... or there needs to be a cop limit of no more than 10 to prevent stacking. If you ghost onto a warzone or a cartel area there should be a extra 5 mins block on caping cartels or a slowed capture at the least. motivating the ghosters to either gear up in that time or not even ghost in the first place. the server cool down just gives the ghosters time to shit and piss and reload there suggary dew. I see the same point being made over and over again the gap of og players to neebs is bad... its alot of new players or players from other communities, which is good but they have no idea what they are doing and often get frustrated with kavala because thats the most appealing place to spawn... put kavala last on the list to spawn in, a little change like that could do wonders making athira or pygros the main town... at least it would change things up a bit. you want the community to be more of a community, all the banned players being cancer should be blocked from commenting, all the permed people should be permed off the forms. the cancer thats allowed is just god awful... start restricting form use after -50 rep and punish trolls for giving bad rep for no reason. Set restrictions for the players that get busted rdm'ing... not just a day or 2 vaca, take away the ability to buy a any other lic besides fire arm for a week. restrict being able to switch from vigi to rebel to once per server restart and make it to were they have to were specific type of clothing identifying them as a career vigi... not just a rebel vigi for the lazy tazy. this community has a massive ego problem, its a game 1st and for most were your SUPPOSED TO HAVE FUN, but trolls are not nearly regulated as they should be. the salt is strong and the need to pout seems to be uncontrollable. Grow up and if you don't have a solution don't be part of the problem. Come with answers or an open mind, this whole, ' shaming' players is getting bad and its sad. People are trying to help and getting shat on... deadpool is a great expample you guys bulled him plan and simple. idk what you have to say i can load any of the civ meetings any ideas hes tried tossing out there and HE personllay got shit on. i would have told the whole communty to fuck off along time ago if i was him but no he stuck in there for along time taking the abuive attitudes. yes he has become more toxic than normal but i blame the tramma he went though of having to deal with all the 12 yr olds. and its not just him but he is easily the best example. you guys killed his drive to help plan and simple. [ WHY DID THE SOUTH KAVALA SALVAGE GET REMOVED] I want to make an honest effort here to bring back gang life and its up to leaders to get this done. Direct Threat has made a private gang for our already established player base that like to get together and NOT scream into the mic. It is difficult to get them interested because of all the cancer... even the TEAMSPEAK has crap you have to do to be able to get on.... like really ban the trolls not punish the community by having to change something to be able to join... i though olympus was aginst mods and having to change settings to be able to play. We will have age/ maturity restrictions and player limits. it wont be like ks or db adding anyone and their mother. I would want a place were they can get their feet on the ground and evolve to make thier own gang or join a more esablished gang with the new experiacne... like blackwater did for awhile... it was like the intern gang ( not a diss, they tried teaching players some stuff but got bord as fuck of the same bullshit) We like to fight period. I will be kicking this idea around and if there is enough internal support and communal support i will be offering training on and off this server. Training could be on a day were the servers are full and we can't get the whole gang in. we could go to koth or something and do stuff there. I want to make some updated instructional videos aswell so i will need movie stars. I want Direct Threat to be like MC in ways... Rebels against thee apd. Take the cartel and do joint runs, mow some cops down that are messing with another gang, help teach new terrorists, i mean members how to play the game clean, no rock glitching, or combat logging. you die like a man, you get your shit stolen like a man, you stuck it up and do better next time like a man. you don't start a flame war on side.
  14. When the texture bug issues was real bad back in the day I parked a helmet next to meth pro and the pallet glitched and flipped and blew up the helmet almost into a tempest. Worst day ever.
  15. Theak

    I didnt know gang wars were held on the forms this round. xd

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