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  1. There is still a bad loop hole with cop to civ vs. civ to cop engagement. While on cop, at Air HQ, we were assaulted by a group of people trying to skirt rules, just to kill the people we had in restraints. They were all in a group, (literally in a group shown in their own video that got submitted to someone on me later) attacking at the same time, one heli dropping some off and just hung around to be a noise issue, while a van was pushing and an armed air plane was just laying into the building. What they tried to get away with was having members of the attacking group logging in, but were affiliated with a different gang, but wore the assaulting gang tags in their name ( as "part of their name" later it failed in the discussion about skirting rules ..) Then they had one person push guns up, while another one, (not in the gang but wearing the gangs tag in his name) came in the back door guns aimed and pointed baiting deputies to have them not taze them so they could just walk up and shoot the people in restraints.( what the heck else are you intending to do entering a building with your gun up while cops are actively processing high bounties and saying leave or be tazed... come on not all of us are 12 that play this game #seethrough.) All while we were constantly saying leaving the hq or you will be tazed. They had the ridiculous thought to turn me in when i tazed the one after he attempted to entered the building. See one guy pushed in, gun at the ready, while we were saying do not enter, leave the hq or be tazed...etc, we had 3 deps i think just repeatedly saying it because the plane and heli were so loud. I think they were honestly gonna try to play the we can't hear you card. Anyway, I taze the one guy that pushed the hq (wearing their gang tags IN HIS NAME but in a different gang) and get shot in the back by a guy in that assaulting gang wearing THEIR GANG TAGS. I get epied and actually taze that guy too, like a min later. Guess what he saids... where's the engagement, rdm? .... buahahha a guy that just rdmed me in a group that was actively breaking rules, in his video he turned me in on. >>> Turned out, at that time, 5 mins from the drive to getting them safe in that hq was up. When I got shot in the back after tazing someone in a non-affiliated gang, he indeed just turned himself in for rdm.. no no no it gets better, a member is talking in ts or discord telling them where we were after we had clearly taken coms. we were wondering how they knew which hq to push so quickly.... IN THE VIDEO, THAT HE HAD SOMEONE LOOK AT TO PULL MY RANK. It was a higher ranking officers off duty on civ in his gang breaking the rules ... bhuahahahaahhabajajajbajajabajanb.... I went with the higher road and did not submit on them. I just kept the footage...all the footage.... for a good laugh later. And let me tell you there was at least 2 people that wanted me to turn them in badly, it would have been 2 blacklisting for cop, one perm from the server, and a 2 week for one and even some talk of the gang in a whole getting into a bunch of trouble, if remember correctly. It would have prob been biggest group punishment, how ya doin' ban video in olympus's history too i bet buahahah. But, even though i should have, olympus clearly adhears to the trolls that activly play and all these players were very active, some being in a promoted position in a whitelisted role. I couldn't just get what,... 4 or 5 people kicked off the server for being, just dumb as fuck about how they went about trying to turned me in. I gave them a chance to own it and all but the dumb fuck who turned in half his own gang were cool and did. the other guy had some serious issues in the intelligence department. In the end i just felt bad for how badly they just did. Not only did the entire gang get just.. bent over, by a group of mainly deps... they also almost got themselves in a bunch of trouble. Its a game ment to have fun. i get it.. shit i was in mc we helped be the reason why we needed so many damn rules in the first place. Troll responsibly people.
  2. Some of you have wondered the back stroy of my gamer tag. (Mr. Theak)
    It was showen to me, given to me, it was a natural comming together of ideas and events.
    Started with my youtube channel TheEAnonymousK and evolved from there.
    LATER much later i did some research into it and check this crazy stuff out.
    [[Of the People[3] also notes that another earlier story behind the name exists from one Father Charlevoix, who came through the area at a much earlier time. He attributed the name to another native tribe called the "Mahnigans". "The-a-ki-ki, which, by a corruption, our Indians call Ki-a-ki-ki... "Theak" signifies wolf, in which language I do not remember, but the river bears that name because the Mahnigans, who are likewise called wolves, had formerly taken refuge on its banks."]]  Helps to know i grew up in kankakee Illinois

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  3. Theak

    Welcome, Stay out of Kavala untill you get to know the area better. Then Stay out of Kavala because you know the area better. Do that and you will be fine. If you need a hand let me know i have extra of everything.
  4. I think I finally cleared up all of my Old and Current Olympus Footage. Besides one more video of a bunch of random clips,
    I have one Medic Clip of me getting my wings and then immediately get taken hostage, that I'm just making sure is good to make public.
    1.5 tbs.  Next I have some invade and annex footage i need off my hard drive so i can focus on 2 tbs of KOTH footage.
    *Opens Hard-drive* ["Look at all this space for activities!"]

    1. Azeh


      Can I get an unban from KotH? Thanks.

    2. I’m NormaL

      I’m NormaL

      Hey Bud Hope Your Having A Wonderful Thanksgiving Today With The Fam :)

  5. Theak

    Its the most toxic, racist, troll basced community out there but its still the best. once you realize that and just let loose and have fun. its not so bad. If you take rp seriously play on server 2 its the best for rp. server 1 is for main fights and server 3 is for farming.
  6. Theak

    I watched Olympus become what it is. While a nobody i may be, i was the nobody in the background of alot of key conversations, my input, my opinions were asked of and taken to heart because i was honest and not trying to troll. (100% of the time lol) I took the roles i played with respect and tried to do what i was supposed to. I kept my mouth shut and ears open and learned ALOT, seen ALOT, and laughed ALOT. Ive seen some of the best roleplay come from some of the biggest trolls and Ive seen some of the nastiest moves made by some upstanding players. Olympus has it all. Ive been cop medic support team taxi for a day or so, heck i was even a vigi but i think i let the one or 2 guys go. I may have not been there for the very beginning but i was there prewipe for long enough to seen all the hard work that has been put into the server. Im not just referring to all the coding and dev, i talking about the leaders in this community. The ones who stepped up and took a chance at a role to try to contribute to the progressions this server has gone through. Admins, mods, APD Chiefs, Coordinators, sr., gang leaders, civ reps, and yes even the SUPPORT TEAM MEMBERS. (everyone is included here if i left you out except the news team, that usless faction... may it never raise again lol) There just isnt enough thank yous and there is too many people complaining about stuff that they have no idea how much effort it actually takes to make work and how hard it is to not bitch slap the monitor. The people make the community what it is, and Olympus has had some great leaders and even a few good tyrants. I refuse to sugar coat or kiss ass, i will tell you how it is from a respectable point of view. I've seen some Great GREAT players leave after get passed over for favoritism and bias views, ive watch people leave over small silly changes that just made their singular experience alittle harder so they quit. The rush to be the best is over, match and point Olympus wins. This does not however mean i agree with all the windows key, kos, tazzzing panzies that have some how taken alot of cool functions out of the game. ( the cartel camping trolls have been catered to and i believe it really hurt the The community is focused on stability at the moment and i see no harm in going back to your roots to strengthen the server, i believe there are good things coming. To all the unappreciated people pulling the strings in the back ground THANK YOU. Your time and sacrifice (12 units of your soul), is absolutely noted and appreciated. To the entitled, fear mongering pricks, you're the reason your life sucks; grow up and change it. Stop oppressing others on a video game just because you dont like where your at in life. The server is in a weird state of being right now and heres why. There are indeed alot of new players, and with new players comes new experiences. However, there is a lack of skilled players that are willing to stop robbing to show people the ropes. I never understood some gangs that would rob the server into the ground and then complain with no one is doing runs. IF you get the pig nice and fat, EVERYONE CAN EAT. IE' show these neebs how to make real money and then after they have the confidence to start doing bigger runs, thats when you can really make your money. This has personally worked out for me many a times. Ill spend 500k getting someone all set up get them equipment and show them the ropes. a few weeks later when all game is fair, i get to rob them of a few million dollars because they started doing big runs. And the best part is that it doesnt really effect their ability to do runs by this point because they now have the ability to do different runs to make up for it. The server started eating itself, kind of imploading because no one would do runs which made cartels pointless and killed gang life for good while. People would camp dealer or what not and negate any need to fight. Just a swift 9mm to the back for an easy payout. We did have the big split were the few big gangs left that wanted to see gang life thrive rejuvenated cartel island only to have vigis completely and utterly desomate any and all inclination to fight at cartels without roaching or ghosting. I have taken a break myself mainly because of health reasons (crohns disease -.-) but also because i would get too involved in things i really didn't need to be. Defending things that didnt need to be defended and rushing to my own misinformed opinions only adding to any problem i was trying to help with. I got to the point were i wanted to help but was meet with some nasty vibs that pushed me away and now i happily admin elsewhere. (if it takes you a month to get to the player reports and someone asks if you need help there's no reason to be a dick because you didn't do your role properly. This has happened to me in the past and actually recently.) Arma 3 is a game we all love to hate and Olympus has been a community I hate to love! Don't forget to appreciate what you have because you never know what changes lurk around the corner. Instaide of just complaining, come with some solutions and don't be afraid to just because of the trolls. Let the people know the work they do is appreciated as it is only for the bettering of YOUR gaming experience and at the expense of their VOLUNTARY time,(12 units as dictated earlier). Be part of the answer not the problem! (at the very least stay the fuck out of the way so the big boyz and girlz can do all the heavy lifting.)
  7. Theak

    Alot of people randomly take breaks and leave. Some haven't come back and wont look back. There is usually mass fallout and no one blinks an eye. It is only a big deal when key people dip out thats when you see the biggest round of people who dip. Ive seen people put themselves whole heartedly into this server to just get shit on and leave. I still see people just trying to keep Olympus enjoyable and fun get consistently shit on by trolls and lazy players. When the server took a turn to appease the trolls and started turning into a windows key kos server i personally saw a massive influx of players playing koth. I am always seeing gangs go at it on there and its usually pretty epic. I haven't gotten to the footage of that yet but at some point ill get to all my 3tbs of koth footage. / ramble There are still alot of good people working to keep olympus updated and heading forward. The hard work they do dictates how you spend your time on the server so RESPECT that. Find what is fun for you and try to show others how much fun your having. Because if your not having fun, you'll get bord and if you stick around too long you morph into a troll. (xd)
  8. Theak

    It depends on how deep you can take it. and ive seen some people that have had no right being unbaned be able to play, just because they can spam the n word and suck a mean one. its just ... dumb to see some of whats going on. it really is turning into a meme server. get on to troll the neebs and back to a real game... shit i loved arma and i loved this server but damn... just damn.. its really sad is all i have to say.... The trolls get to do what they want while people whom have volenteered their time to contributing suffer for little reason. im hopeing this server pulls its head out of its own ass soon. ( to all the people still putting in hard work keep it up because the server depends on it... even if you will eventually get bentover with now remorse.)
  9. Theak

    gut it .. gut it all lets just windows key for everything can you guys make it to where you can only spawn in Kavala and just end it all. Windows key warriors, tide pods at the ready... so sad to see the server take such a loss of random content... im sure you guy have something to add back into it... im just sure of it.....
  10. Theak

    yet another person whom has poured a SHIT ton of time into this server only to be pushed out. When will it end... .. when the servers all sit at 0... or sit full of new players... i honestly dont get it. ive seen you been cancer more than once but i have seen you contribute a shit ton more. When people who accually give a damn get the boot for stupid reasons it really shows that this is a diying server just bearly holding on because of the new players. I really dont understand how the trolls are allow to get away with murder while people who ahve put in so much effort get the boot over stupid stuff. this server is very VERY quickly killing itself. sure new players are great... but how long do they stick around.. how much do they contribute.... i think as a whole you guys should evaluate your server goals and abmisions. if yous think its not worth the time and effort then fine, but ive seen some people get the boot for some DUMBASSS reasons lately. Its happening at a faster rate too. Everyones getting bord and ban happy. shit i just had someone respon to a ban i submitted over a month ago... is the server really in that bad of shape?
  11. Been going through some footage, man i had some great times and some shit times.
    i wish i didnt get so .. i guess bord of arma 3 life.
    i will say the guys i played with made the arma experience gooochie
    can't upload half of it because of all the n bombs and random hate speech outbreaks lol.


  12. Are cartel fights up 1000% like advertised....?
    I bet everyone owns an ifrit now.
    i might come back lol.
    i see the server has diluted other areas too  ... kinda a shame but its for the general good.
    When are you guys going to add edible tide pods to cater to the trolls?   [xd]

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    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. codeYeTi


      Cartel fights? Ehh, not really.

      Ifrit use? You betcha.

    3. Ryan


      1 hour ago, codeYeTi said:

      Ifrit use? You betcha.

      Currently use it like a qilin.

    4. Theak


      dissapointing but i hope the people that still play see a fps boost now.. or at least it shouldn't bog down -.-

  13. who messed up and got the medics hemit removed?

    Edited by Theak
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    2. almightyburrito


      they removed it and we got a orca deff a good trade

    3. destruct


      Basic Paramedics got Qilins, Advanced Paramedics got access to the Orca and a windows-key impound button, and Search & Rescues got a Taru Repair. Nobody messed up, just out with the old and in with the new is all :)

    4. Theak


      cool not a bad deal i guess. i had a blast with the good old hemtt impounding abandoned cars keeping the frames up in kavala during down times. Can the orca sling and impound or is it just diluted down to the windows key now like the apd...
      someone wanna link the new repo rules.


      i see them.
      but nothing about using a vehicle to impound... or is that just gone now?

  14. Theak

    (If this is ok cool if not delete) Code4gaming king of the hill I reccomend server 4 We just dropped v12 with alot of cool features. I've seen almost every major gang on the servers there either warming up to fight cartels or just enjoying some good ol combat. I saw to big gangs join different teams and go at it in kahala. It was epic. Need double xp codes or my advice on the best settings (example: try saturation set to 150) let me know.

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