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  1. 200 ish of each. ing. 4-500 moonshine Just too much trolling going on, for me to be invested and have fun anymore. I prob have other stuff too. Make an offer. If your new and struggling. I might help you out.
  2. I can actually use my phone i guess to try it out so i might do that just to see. I fly in most every type of arma mode i play. Not anything special but i am usually better at it than most. I fly mixed 1st and 3rd, just depends on the situation i guess. I like doing tac landings like the j hook and it requires your to basically go noise down and still be aware of your sorroundings. Easy to do if you know what your doing but it would be nice to be able to look around my heli as i come into a landing state. O and the planes, im sure its a blast with them too Looked up a few videos im sure the quality is not as good but it looks like its something i can wire together myself. the 150$ tag is a bit much.
  3. Anybody us the TrackIR? Whats your opinion of it? I fly alot so im considering getting one.
  4. I feel like this is a thin, thin line for combat logging. Even soft logging at times like that is something you shouldn't even HAVE to consider. Lets say they 'left' you but someone was in the area and was ''going to'' come back and you alt f4... now your looking at a combat log ban ( yes, yes people are being this canserours right now) This applies only if you are a hostage though. Correct my if im wrong because this NEEDS clerifications. But if you just get robbed im finding a general ... its ok to leave them in bf nowhere with no food or water broken legs no kidney...
  5. Wrong. Cellphones are using ddr4 now so the cell companies are buying A BUTT LOAD! Cryptomining relys heavily on GPU not CPU (Graphic card vs processor) And now ya know
  6. nice i like the fto. i had said something about this along time ago. i reapplied so lets see what happens
  7. With server 3 and it being locked: If you genuinely only can get on when the server is locked, you should be comped. Some people live in different times zones, work different shifts...etc.. can't cater to everyone of course. Maybe more heads up so people wouldn't have invested time and money into a server they don't have the ability to play. As for people that just use it as a farm when it's low pop, just get a group together. If you need to have a dead server to process this is not the server for you. You can afk the shipwreck go do that. Everyone desperately trying to sell off their houses on server 3 just because of the lock, it's kinda what you get for trying to be cheap. Have fun with the price drop. Mine aswell just sell it as is and get out from underneather it. When people were buying house just to sell them on server 3 I saw this comming.
  8. Found what i think they were talking about but since i had responded with an orcha to the cartel i believe they were still wrong. so with no proper engagement, ie. warning shots text or even direct they were still in the wrong. even though i lost an orcha its no big deal and ill just let it go because its not that big a deal. Im a good medic who doesnt do it for the money or fame I do it because medics are needed. Scatters and 12yr olds are abundante nothing you can do but shrug them off and continue to play the good ol game. I was just curious. if i miss read it. Some of these players can get so triggered and rude. But who doesnt get caught up in the moment from time to time.
  9. So i'm wondering if this is what someone was talking about. They said McDili updated rules on cartels that its ok to not engange medics for denials and its ok to just kill them. Here all it says warzone is to be treated like a cartel but nothing about how you can just kill medics with out properly engaging. I know warzone is kos for medics unless your in the air. Hm... someone must of miss read this ingame and then got all kinds of triggered. If the rule has been changed were medics can be killed in cartels with no proper engagement i can not find it where McDili updated the rules for that.
  10. Been so busy with the insurance dealing with my neighbors house fire messing ours up and getting my house cleaned.
    Got the inspection done today and pass. Deep cleaning is underway!! Haven't been able to get on as much because of life issues crohns and baby, but should be able to get on later today and tonight. And after all this gets wrapped up ill be back on like normal.

  11. So using right panel is still bugged. keeps kicking me when i use it... so thats fun

  12. 3rd person fix is out. tested it and i also will note on editor there are new camera radar and modules that look awesome.
    Im just happy they fixed it.

    Thanks BI

    1. Theak


      perfect timing because i just hit my 50hr mark for medic.... soon i will be able to fly to you guys and respond fast enough for you to not d.c. as i get there ;)

  13. thats my point
  14. Can this months donation goal be:
    Having players who break the rules be forced to wear a big bright orange cone hat were they CAN NOT use a gun (lethal items included) or process illegal items.
    That will solve lots of problems.
    In-staid of banning them for a few days ( here take a few days off of breaking the rules)
    This would keep the population up. 
    However i would see gang cone heads appear pretty quickly i'm sure.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Silton


      Yea imma pay money so if i get banned all my fun is gone :) NICE

      1 hour ago, Berg02 said:

      Trigger warning if suicide offends u don't read

      Actually hang yourself from a fucking tree

      ^^^ What he said

    3. Theak


      It would not be for the people who get banned all the time like you guys apperently. It's for the people who play the game and follow the rules that dont like getting rdmed.

      It would be something to take away from people who can't handle the responsibility of using guns and rp on the server.

      And by you showing you don't like it that already shows its effectiveness. ;)

      Now accually refrain form the 12yr old comments on my profile about suicide. Your constantly putting people down and leaving very disterbing comments everytime I see your name on these forms. I certanly don't appriciate it. Now take your aids somewhere else and don't post on my profile with crap.

      Silton who even are you?



      I'm quite happy with life.

    4. Berg02


      Xd asking who @Silton is lmao.

      the reason that this is bullshit is most bans I have gotten aren't even straight up rulebreaks. For example once I got a ban for stripping an app memebers gear and then calling a hostage situation. No where in the rules. Again, this idea is fucking retarded just leave kavala and you'll be fine retard

      Also rp on the server what a joke


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