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  1. Been looking through all this old footage...
    Should I rejoin the APD?

  2. Theak

    lots of good times in mc man
  3. #MedicLivesMatter




  4. Whom ever gets my 1000 revive gets 1mil!

  5. Theak

    Welcome, first tips. Start anywhere but kavala.
  6. Don't get greedy, turn it in or ask for comp, not both. And you should always engaged first, unless in a red zone. Then shoot out the tires. Someone was camping plat/coke/oil road sitting under the bridge just west of the processes by the bay. Shot my tires out as I drove past, I had no time to do anything, my window go shot out the same time he ran up to engage, then I go tazed pulled out and the one taped leathel. I think I recorded it but didn't turn it in yet. There is someone or a group abusing this. However sounds like you just had bad luck man. This is arma. Join a group team and team up. Or enter my mega lotto tonight, server 2.
  7. Theak

    Let's say 10 people buy a lottery ticket at 50k a pop thats 500k, let's say 4 people pay my 50k ticket price, I get 400k. The winner now gets 500k and 500k worth of moneshine* Also to clerify, the moonshine was left over from a contract that they did not have time to finish selling, or didn't want to. I ran the idea of doing a huge lottery winner (250+ mushrooms) but he added I could do smaller ones and I added a few ideas to that. On the same note. Someone who didn't pay my ticket price could win and I would keep said 400k. And then maybe add that mooneshine to the next round till someone wins it all. Could take a day I could keep doing it for awhile. The cool thing would be if you spend 100k and won 2 mil what a return on your investment. No stings, this will be transparent as the lottery system picks the winner.
  8. Theak

    So this idea hatched out of my rental property idea. I will be using the lottery to pick winners to recive bonus wining. The idea here is you have to buy at least one lottery ticket (no limit) and send me 50k aswell.(pricing subject to change) The winner of the lottery (pending funds to me) will win extra commodities like moonshine. Options: I could match the total lotto amount with the commodites. Ie. 1mil would = est. Value of the commodity. I could do smaller amounts but still make it to where you double your winnings. I could also do little lottos. The price for each type would vary. So you could spend 100k and wins a mil and get a mil in moonshine. I like the medum to smaller lotto rewards as more people could win extra. I will use any profits from the ticket price I receive to enhance and upgrade properties and asset I rent out. I have a new house I will be upgrading for rent shortly. Upon the lottery picking it's winner that person will get a private message from with a convent time and place that is safe and agreed upon by me. (Pending they paid my ticket fee) if they didn't pay the fee and won, we'll at least they won the lottery. I'm trying to enhance parts of the game that could really help new players stick around instead of getting bleed dry by campers. I would love to hear constructive ideas and feed back. This works because I'm trust worthy, and if you don't know me or dont trust me that's understandable just don't particibale. So far my house rentals idea is going great. Good luck! Mr. Theak
  9. Theak

    Someone just had a great idea. I will split it up into multiple lottos, then I'll use the 50k a ticket I receive to upgrade the property.
  10. Theak

    Server 2 abde pay phone 4 crater house might be available to buy. I sold it. It's the one east of the one at the atm 4 crater. Meth isn't worth it right now. And 3 (DIFFERENT) people said they got ghosted by someone server hoping in the moutain to get a better postion on them, sounds like an experience olympus player. Shame shame shame. I bet it's a troll, so sad when someone has nothing better to do than try to ruin a fun server. Also, some shady stuff when down and I realized noone but big gangs, apd (or civ apd affiliates) or campers with nothing to lose are doing meth. I have relocated to a better house for a more realistic location to make money. Once I upgrade the property it will be available for rent too. I'll be doing a giveaway if this other house isn't empty at the end of the extendeductible contract. The person doesn't want to sell the illigeal items because they think it's a waste of time. They still doubled their investment so they are happy with my idea. So prob later today or tomorrow here's my idea. I'll give a psa when I'll do the giveaway 250+ moonshine. I will use the lottery system and you will send me 50k aswell. So you can buy 100 lotto tickets for all I care but all you have to do is buy 1 and send me 50k. The winner of the lottery gets the moonshine. (100k investment could payout in the millions) I think it's fair, I get compensated for my time, the winner wins a ton because I have a feeling the lottery will get high too. (Winner will get a time and place to get their transportion ready.)
  11. Theak

    Just sold a 4 crater abde house. On server 2. Might still be abailable. It's one street east of the atm house. It's on the corner with the payphone. I still have my garage there.
  12. Theak

    If you are interested please have your uid , area of interest AND ready with payment. No I will not just give the locations out, so you can camp them. That's where the government has the opportunity to back this idea, give the trolls a few day ban for attempting to exploit a contracted house. I reserve the right to refuse service to people with troubled uid pasts.(or if I just dont like your attitude) No I will not give out uids even though they are public, that information is confidential between me and my clients.
  13. Theak

    It looks more like a BDO thing than slow staff. I reread this, I like it your right. In staid of just taking keys I could have the apd raid my own house!? Lol how would that work, prob not to good for me but I bet the apd would get a nice chunk of change. "Sir, we are here with the owner, your getting evicted!" Not like they could lock the cops out with me there buahahha.
  14. Theak

    Let's chill on this derogitive b.s. what are we 12, (and if you are 12, grow the fuck up, it's a game.)
  15. Theak

    I'm glad you made an average of 3mil a day( dang taxes lol) House available! Also either the other house has another day or you left stuff. I'll be nice and wait. Otherwise I'll host a giveaway! Maybe I'll corddonate it with a lottery round at my discression. That way Noone can say I had any favortism, and if the lotto is broken or if there's some exploit I'm not responcible for thay, whoever wins it wins it. I would guess the lotto will get high if I'm giving away 150 Glass and 350 moonshine. I'll look at server pop times and prob do it when we are close to full (server 2, guess it doesn't have to be just server 2 that's just my home, I'll keep you posted) And I see your prob waiting to do an escort, hmm... interesting take your time (I'd highly reccomend you sell the moonshine first,) then I'd like to see it work out for everyone, no inquirys for that property at the moment so I'm not gonna rush you out :). Take the night to do what you need. Tomorrow if it's still full though someone will appriciate the boost. Yes you can deposit money to me if I'm on or not. Haven't tested this but I think it's an option at the atm. Drop box or something. If I see you paid for additional time it's yours to keep renting, I'll gladly extend the contract. No, there has been no staff interest at this time. I'm not going to lie to you.Not one responce, dang BDO taking all the important people's time. However for what I'm currently doing I don't need staff. You mess up I take the keys away full or not. (Not sure how getting raided would work unless I'm on when that said property would be getting raided, anyone want to enlighten me on that, how would that work? Charges? Or would they just take the illigal items)

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