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  1. I guess we're one of the loved gangs @Creepy @xDRO
  2. and now I cant vote again smfh
  3. where is @Creepy and @xDRO I stan.
  4. kirby3701


    o7 @NokiaStrong even though I didnt get an @ still had good times on rdr2 with you and the whole BW group. Have fun.
  5. I was 100percent serious, ill link you a video if you wanna see how to do it you pepega
  6. what, you want a tutorial video or something?
  7. The best thing I see is the tag of "Im a retard"
  8. For 1 I didnt get an @ so fuck you, second o7 the videos you send me from time to time are disgusting. Was fun watching you pass me on cop
  9. Just give facts, you don't have to give your opinion
  10. @Creepy Can we hire this guy, I can't fly worth a shit and @xDRO is inactive
  11. Not saying all people are like this but come on man. I have left and right opinions but god damn is shit like this cancer.
  12. Fuck Greta Thunberg, when I skipped school all's I got was bad grades
  13. Obviously its fake, There's snow outside
  14. Black Friday working retail, activity at a minimum but I still want in.
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