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  1. RubberDuck

    <3 https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/profiles/76561198126596512/#sort=order
  2. RubberDuck


    I’m going to run you over with a tractor when they are added
  3. Cya guys around <3

    1. Bojo


      love you lots

  4. RubberDuck


    Hit me up on steam whenever, sucks that you are leaving
  5. RubberDuck

    All about that wallpaper engine and spotify
  6. RubberDuck

    the forums are gettin whack man
  7. RubberDuck

    Get better man, wish to see ya around. Good luck with everything, and thank you for everything.
  8. RubberDuck

    Scrolling on the good o' Hub trying to find the perfect video. <3
  9. CoP LiFe BRuV


  10. streaming cop


  11. If u bored <3


  12. Happt b-day m8

  13. RubberDuck

    Says nothing in the handbook/rules about teaming with civs.
  14. RubberDuck

    The guy below me = bigGay

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