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  1. RubberDuck

    Whatcha mean lol
  2. RubberDuck

    Interesting, glad i got to know that about you.
  3. RubberDuck

    are you surrounded by four black walls, about to tie a noose with no recalls?
  4. come and check me out maybe :KappaHD: 


  5. If anyone wants to watch a spooky stream ;;;---))) 


  6. https://www.twitch.tv/darubberduke


  7. Sorry to be cheesy, but for anyone who care <3 


  8. RubberDuck

    Brhhh the og Halloween theme song just sums up Halloween
  9. RubberDuck

    See ya around @snipeZ you were chill as hell, I’ll keep your legend going, sleeping in red zones will be the new fad! just kidding I’ll miss you bud.
  10. Happy birthday my old nibba @Dylan Dizy

    1. Chaos


      I’m pretty sure our nibba is dead just sayin

    2. Dylan Dizy

      Dylan Dizy

      Thanks M90

    3. Chaos


      See @Dylan Dizy confirmed dead nibba

  11. Happy birthday @Dezree!!!


  12. RubberDuck

    First world problems. The struggle is real...
  13. RubberDuck


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