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  1. 2m for each + 2 mags OR 4.5m for both + all mags
  2. Bought Venom's for 16mil with T4 maneuverability...
  3. "better luck next time"
  4. I have both + 4 mags, PM offer.
  5. 88 | Ajame is living proof that TikTok kids have made their way to ArmA. "Dogwater" "I boxxed you like a sandwhich" etc.

  6. Arguing over an eight year old game in 2021.
  7. o7 It's the A.P.D.'s time to disband.
  8. You watch your fucking mouth son.
  9. @Sam1, the XV Pocket Medic, dropping on kids at Coke Pro.
  10. @Headless just got a quad feed on some kids.

  11. Poverty Corporal strikes...at the most inconvenient time...


  12. tbh, I wish I got the 10-speed auto, it's retarded how much faster it is.
  13. Almost got one when I t-boned dipshit in my 2017. Almost got more when I sent him into oncoming traffic on an interstate.
  14. I figured this would be a good thread to see if anyone else is in their local car community. I'll put myself on blast first, I'm a huge Mustang guy and they've been in my family for three generations. My first one is a 1964 1/2, 289 swap, convertible, 3-speed automatic, named Sally. (Stock) CLICK HERE My second one was a 2016 EcoBoost convertible, 6-speed automatic, named Midnight, this car was traded in on Lucifer. (Cosmetic Upgrades, Downpipe/Exhaust, Tune) My third one was a 2017 GT, 6-speed manual, named Lucifer, this car was totaled by a driver who ran a stop sign and I t-boned. (Cosmetic Upgrades, Intake, Headers, Tune, Suspension Upgrades) CLICK HERE My fourth one is a 2018 GT, 6-speed manual, named Nyx, this car is my current daily driver. (Cosmetic Upgrades, Intake, Headers, Tune, Suspension Upgrades, Shifter Upgrade, BAGGED) CLICK HERE
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