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  1. Happy birthday @Rossco, mod in my stream for 5 minutes to break the profanity filter. ♥️😂

  2. IRL stream of working on the shitbox Mustang tomorrow/cleaning the shop? @ThatNerdyGuy's idea.

  3. Had to cut the stream short yesterday to work on the car, come vibe for a few hours tonight!


  4. *** Minor Ear Rape Warning *** These are some older clips I am clearing off my hard drive so enjoy. Also, thanks to everyone who tunes in to the stream and supports, even the stream snipers. Feel free to come by and vibe, drop a follow, and enjoy at https://www.twitch.tv/itstheoriginalmaverick
  5. Since the Olympus community has backed the stream and it's been fun, on April 1st, my 22nd birthday, if I hit 25 subscribers (currently 11) before then I'll do a 24 hour stream, details to be determined.


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