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  1. I'm ready to buy where do you get them? I looked at car, truck and reb shops.
  2. Helps if I read it all... Rewards are given to all players, not just donators. But I'm still going to give.
  3. how much $$$ do you have to give to get the Strider?
  4. Can we come up with a rule that people can't keep you in game by emailing hands up or die every 5 mins to keep you from login out. I feel if they where not able to kill you (or get what they want) in ie 15 - 30 mins then they can't spam you hands up or die any more. I sometimes like to jump on in the morning before I go to work and try to make some money or something. As of now people can chase you until server restart and that could be up to 4 hrs. It's not really fair to keep someone engaged when you can't even see them to really know they are near you or not. I don't want to lose my gear and I don't want to lose my job :-) Sometimes I feel they just stay a little out of site where they can see you (and be safe) but you cant see them and then when you store they say HA!!!! GG Sucker!!!! Nice Combat Store!!!! I got all that on my GO PRO!!! Have a nice Vaca!!! Ex) 3 people chasing after 1 guys... everyone in helis. The 3 guys texting land or die every 5 mins. and you think you got away you can't even see them anymore. Then you land and you still get text and you still don't see them. When can you store and log off? I would like to know if I need to get off for real life stuff, that I can at some point, and not be held hostage by the game rules the way they are now. Even when held hostage you can only be held for 15 mins. I don't know guys what do you think. Has anyone else come across this problem. I have work and some of you must have school or homework or your mom says stop playing!!!! You can't very well go back to them and say I was in an epic battle for 3 hrs.... then the guys chasing me, crashed and burned and I made it out with all my drugs.... And next thing you know, you're getting drug tested at work/school. I also think if they are spamming every 5 mins I feel they should send you some type of prof that they have eyes on you. " see you at the market in Kavala". So you know that they are near and not just texting from Pygros. one more thought... something like if you send a hands up or die and not engaged that whole time then you cant send another text for 15 mins.
  5. This new site is going to take some time to like.

    1. Dejay


      can change the theme back at the bottom of the page if you do not like what poseidon did with it.

  6. So would you say, if your in a group of lets say 5 people, it is best to have one person sell, rather then all the people in the group selling their share so only one person get hit with 17K and not everyone in the group 5 x 17K.
  7. Cool thx guys. do you know how long it stays on the list?. And so if there are no cops on then you can get charged?
  8. Is this a random trigger? and at what point do you get the charged? Lets take a mushrooms run. is it at the point I am picking it? or when I processing? If I only process 1 mushroom is it the same chance of getting the bounty as processing 100 mushrooms? or is it when I sell at the dealer. does he rat me out and go to the cops or something. I never seem to get the charge at the time I'm doing any of these. I could be at the red burger buying a cupcake for a job well done and then Bam! 17K and then the cops jump me, and then that gets me thinking are cupcakes illegal...

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