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  1. Yes there is 2 minutes to restart, but there was at least 4 cops in this situation. This 1 cop processed all 3 people in 2 minutes. Great RP and experience for all!
  2. image.thumb.png.38d71fbd7f30998be9c6d7e8d741b276.png


    March 19th.... Im a fortune teller it seems 



  3. Sup Steve you bloody fuckin wanker
  4. HBD @Maddoxyou Alabama betty Crocker cousin fucker 

    1. Venomm


      Amount due: 1 MX Tazer

    2. Iceman


      I dont even have one anymore! I lost all my houses hahahaha @Venomm

  5. Anyone else find this Shadexz retard annoying?

    1. Skateezy


      Man reported me to the Altis Gods. It’s on sight.

  6. You still owe me my MX tazer buddy

  7. *Winters makes post about good rp for cops*

    *I stroll into HQ with a 100k bounty and MK1, RP well, ask to pay ticket to keep weapon, and wave my rights so the cops dont have to sit there waiting while kav hq is being rook banged*

    *Insta seize, charge stack, and jail* 

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    2. buckie
    3. Winters


      @buckie 2014, it has been noticed that role-play and leniency has started to be less common as of recent so a reminder has been provided how APD Offiers are expected to be conducting themselves.

    4. Billeh


      @Winters Patrol Officer Cosmo started this

  8. **Reads the first sentence of Arma 2.0 update as game is updating** "After 7 years since the Arma 1.0 update" **Me getting excited because a lot can be done in 7 years** 

    Fast forward to me reading the patch notes only to see THEY DID NOTHING AFTER 7 FUCKING YEARS

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fraali


      The update doesn't seem to have much, but at least they're still updating it and fixing bugs/still adding useful commands.

    3. Ryan


      50 minutes ago, Fraali said:


      The update doesn't seem to have much, but at least they're still updating it and fixing bugs/still adding useful commands.


      I’d rather have a new game then new commands 😔

    4. Fraali


      But we don't have a new game, so new commands are always welcome 🙂

  9. @Noahhh! told me last night he's voting for the candidate that has the most rights for the gays.... He said neither one has proven to him yet that they deserve to be HIS president! However I do believe that noah is standing for what is important to him so I support him. His webcam was on during the discord call, and I think he may be a little confused about what month Christmas is in because he was a little too much in the spirit of giving.
  10. @Headless bout time. Well deserved, congrats!

  11. Anyone know where to preorder the 3080? 

    If you cant preorder it yet, then where are you looking? Any sites to make sure I can get it preordered ASAP so I dont have to wait 47 years to get one?

    Appreciate any advice!

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    2. Iceman


      Will do! I signed up on nvidias website to email me when they are available sept 17 but I feel like there has to be a way to get on a list before then.

    3. Claysive


      Yeah same. I also forget to check my email regularly so... lol. 

    4. Lex yo

      Lex yo

      As it stands right now, the NVIDIA RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 aren't yet available for your standard preorder. Unfortunately, we don't really know if the tech giant is going to actually offer a preorder option, or if you'll need to simply buy one when they release. ... The RTX 3090 will boast support for 8K gaming


      This is what I found. So I guess as of right now there is no way to pre order only to just wait. Kinda sucks, but i'm sure there's gonna be a lot released so you should be fine I would think.


  12. Happy BDAY @PanDa1771 

    You DB rat boi

  13. CONGRATS @Noahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    About fucking time 

    Love you long time bb! 

    1. Noahhh!


      I fucking love you LONG LONG time bb daddy.

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