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  1. Horizon

    Stopping by to congratulate the 3 years and say hi! hi!
  2. I have a dp 24 house on server one the closest one from rebel outpost. (615m) offer me
  3. Horizon

    https://pcpartpicker.com/b/KsGfrH This is my custom build that I built for arma 3. Plays it on ultra like a charm and is quite an impressive machine. I've got a strong cpu that is a bit overkill for other things but I made it for college too. You can save a few hundred with some cheaper parts but the GTX 970 is perfect for arma I think.
  4. Horizon

  5. Horizon

    What are the specs! I want to see it !!!
  6. Horizon

    Windows 7 master race no need to upgrade
  7. the stats page is now extinct... all hope is lost

    1. Juwanna Man

      Juwanna Man

      Horizon returning hope is lost :/

    2. Fedot


       S M A S H E D

    3. Juwanna Man

      Juwanna Man

      ^ he's not banned just been gone for a bit 

  8. Horizon

    ............ u srs?
  9. Horizon

    If you take all their shit and weapons and leeave them naked aren't you doing them a favor by killing them so they don't have to wait the 10 seconds to click respawn? pffytttt
  10. Horizon

    fuck im always to late to threads to make the joke first.
  11. Horizon

    Name: Frank Level: 79 townhall 8 basically maxed.
  12. Horizon

    Fresh installs have proven unlucki (no pun intended). I've done multiple. I don't know what the issue is and its bugging me to death. side note: tilde key does work when user is the leader of a group.
  13. Horizon

    officer iz my hunting rifle I killed people with pls dont zeize it! I just shots only a few people not a lot and since its my hunting rifle u no sieize if u do its on my gopro!

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