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  1. o7 @zoomzooooooom

    congrats and good luck @Mako

  2. Horizon

    cya boys

    what a weirdo
  3. @Kedar bro its ur  [email protected]# happy birthday my guy!

  4. oh hey welcome back Trenton... soo... about help with being a moderator
  5. All I gotta say is if you vote for biden theres an 80% chance you’re doing it because you simp over hot liberal teens telling u to be liberal and have no idea whats going on in the world, or a 20% chance ur retarded uneducated democrats are willing to put a retard in office just to make trump supporters mad
  6. As a member of the development team I'd like to take the time to apologize for this post...
  7. @Kamikaze happpy birthday :feelsweirdman:

  8. Everyone acting like these ads aren't google showing you stuff you'd most likely click on based on your browsing history. 🤡

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    2. Lime


      I'm gettin BDO ads and I don't do that weeb shit

    3. N7Zero


      for the people with adblock thinking ur so smug huh?  < 3

    4. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      @Grandma Gary No balls you wont. 

  9. @Hurricane going out on us without ever being a moderator 😞R.I.P.

  10. @Trimorphious @raykazi @Fraali @Tech @mohsen98 @Solomon @Zahzi Added: Airdrop Event Spawns 1-2m worth of random rebel, warpoint and possibly blackwater gear Features an ultra-rare, rare, and common drop table While active the drop zone is a 1km radius red zone that anyone can enter to fight for the loot Cops must follow conquest rules (ie can only enter to follow somebody in 1st wave, must be lethals, cannot engage with other civilians) The drop zone is chosen randomly from dozens of possible locations around the map Started by staff members during periods of high pop Once started, the red zone is active and after 10 minutes the supply crate will drop The event ends once 25 minutes have passed or the loot has been claimed HQ Takeover system Takeover terminal available at Rebel Outposts 1 minute timer to allow players to leave the area Map marker and broadcasts to the area, cops and group that started takeover that the takeover is starting APD respawn timer increased by 30 seconds for every minute active up to 3 minutes delay Map marker for APD where takeover terminal is placed Pure heroin to rebel outpost for 10k Killstreaks for Conquest War targets SDV to R&R Boat Shops Titans fired show shooter's name when missed UI Elements to administration menus Additional logging for APD searches/seizures for statistics Sofia Conquest point Y menu option to disable lethals P90 to Corporal When processing, players receive a speed bonus with each inventory. Texture Additions Invisible Carryall Invisible Bergen Rook-a-Cola Hatchback Redgull Orca APD Recruitment sign APD State Police ($250 Champion Tier) State police uniform for rank Patrol Officer+ Combat uniform for rank Corporal+ SRT uniform for rank Retired SAPD+ SRT Hunter for rank Retired SAPD+ State Police Ghosthawk for Sergeant+ Vest variants added to all shops NVG color variants added to shops Gang Textures Teamplayers uniform & Ifrit Elite Forces Hummingbird/M900 Rebel Bastards uniform Boogaloo Boys uniform & hunter Changed: 15 minute timer before being able to start a Federal Reserve, Blackwater, Jail, or Bank after a Federal Event finishes Bank defuse time reduced to 30 seconds Auto-run now allows you to auto-swim if in the water Healing while under the effects of pure heroin now clears your screen Storing Vigilante license price reduced from 750k to 400k Store arrests moved to bottom of scroll wheel menu SPAR-16s 150rnd mags warpoint price reduced from 5 to 1 warpoint Armed Qilin price reduced from $2 Million to 1.25 million No longer required to softlog to sync APD/R&R Gear - button in gear menu Cartel markers change to indicate a cartel being captured on map Members of the Founder's Circle now have access to all hex icons Fixed: Player names not changing from red to white after leaving a gang Redgull / Lollipop making revives slower MXC having no weight in house storage Black bar bug after being dead for long periods of time Keys not appearing if you softlog after purchasing Air hospital not appearing correctly Houses spawning on spawn island Vigilante buddy system giving increased payouts If killed in an action stuck in the same action when revived Players not being removed from events after death Gang shed pay in advance not showing text if paid over 2 months in advance APD briefcase bug Logging for APD death fees in warzone Removed: Various textures N7 Ifrit ION SUV Beer and 420 Civilian clothes Wasteland and Biohazard Offroads Domihos hatchback Hotfix #1: APD vandal orca's no longer go to cops garage after being seized Fixed gang vehicles deleting if left out over restart Fixed RnR hunters having "APD STATE" skin Added multiple olive/woodland vests to APD shop for certain ranks Added multiple founders custom hex icons Added "Army" texture for the tempest Fixed some gang-shed vehicle spawns Fixed sometimes broadcasting death in chat twice Fixed disbanding gangs bugging players at times Fixed donor cop clothes deleting from players Fixed abort/respawn for cops being disabled Fixed cartel capture marker not updating properly Fixed markers of house keys not displaying properly Fixed players not able to receive invites to gangs Fixed service stations Centered "Killed by" text while dead Removed some gang uniforms As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
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