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  1. Tiger

  2. Fuck does that mean I have to play more rust? Big L
  3. Including banned members ofc
  4. Prime the huge gang with 7 members
  5. Tiger

    Looking forward to playing again!
  6. Tiger

    I fucking swear to god if you dont give me this I have an addiction I need to attend
  7. When's next video? :)

    1. Tiger


      New Rust vid comming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!

    2. .Lion
  8. Tiger

    You should ask @Badger!
  9. ETA on rust gang wars?

  10. Tiger

    luv u
  11. Tiger

    Silton turned into a little bitch :/
  12. Tiger

    Just got 2 more ghost hawks, pm me or @Hydra if you wanna buy
  13. Good fights everyone. Thanks to @Peter Long for hosting was fun

    1. Silton


      ez for boolinson boys


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