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  1. Moob I thought I would never see the day. o7
  2. yea
  3. I don't recall that (I do have poopy internet) We will see this time natshit
  4. Guess what. IM am BACK form the dead. I have came back after a death in my family and I am ready to arrest all you kavala scum. :K
  5. IM backkkkkkk :P


    1. Adaptation


       Hey there guys so as of today MrCorey will be taking my place! Imagine? Wb little boy! 

  6. I have one skin. I guess they stole 5$ off me.
  7. this video doe
    1. Skeeter McGraw

      Skeeter McGraw

      10/10 RP from the cop. Didn't value his life.

  8. Hello!!! I am APD MR.corey and I want to show you guys a 30 sec video that will crack u up xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9syvDmRWc8