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  1. Slicnick21

    Thanks, lol
  2. Slicnick21

    Hope the squad has been doing good. If you've been wondering, the Volunteer FD has been going good. I had some time this morning to stop by and see what's been going on. Best of Luck ~Slicnick21
  3. Slicnick21

    It took my a while to think about it... I'm leaving the Olympus Family. Its been a good time and I will never forget it. Summer of 2016, I'm going to the Volunteer Junior Fire Department and I will never have enough time. School is a pain is the ass and I just don't have enough time during the school year either. I've had a great time here. It really took my mind of the negative stuff and I really did have fun. I'd like to thank everyone for making it a fun time. Thanks. ~Slicnick21
  4. I had a moment in school today where I thought my teacher was gonna shit his pants but instead he turned around with his "pony tail" and walked away. True story.

  5. Slicnick21

    Slicnick21 is my name
  6. Slicnick21

    I think since school is upon us that there will be less medics on, and as soon as everybody is in school for give or take about 3 weeks, everybody will find there free time to play as medic.
  7. Slicnick21

    Perfect fit
  8. Slicnick21

    LOL There is an example
  9. Slicnick21

    I was wondering if The R&R can have another spot at Kavala Square because if there are two medics online we with have to really park close or park on the side walk. Maybe we can move the Taxi Parking spot to one of the civilian parking spots.
  10. Slicnick21

    Thanks guys!
  11. Slicnick21

    This didn't happen to me but, what if one gang tells you to revive someone or die and another says don't revive or die.... I'm just curious
  12. Slicnick21

  13. Slicnick21

    I use OBS it's good for starters and is free
  14. Slicnick21

    Tonight I will be streaming, if anyone can come that would be awesome. Any donations are appreciated! I'll be streaming at 7:00 PM EST http://www.twitch.tv/Slicnick21
  15. Thanks for being a member of the Olympus Family


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