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  1. Is there anyone doing logo designs. I'd like to have one done for me as a watermark if your interested or know someone that does it please message me. Thanks:)

  2. Hey guys havent been on in awhile for thoses who like car photos give my instagram a follow just recently started posting photos im gonna try and do regular uploads. Thanks in advance https://www.instagram.com/evan_ohara_/

  3. was going through my bookmarks and found this gem :D


  4. Picture of the incident
  5. for those that remember my post about rim color for my mustang i finally got them put on :D


  6. Welp :( time to find a new gang.

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    2. platinumfire
    3. Jester


      Strafe literally just changed its name to Holy now so msg lotus

    4. Grant


      strafe is now that divine gang?? Oh how u guys have fallen :/



      buttttt ruby can always use more mans to tase cops xD

  7. Is anyone buying SCUM when it comes out the 29th


  8. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/janeeyre/ @Fuzz^
  9. I dont know how I ended up postin here XDDDD


  10. because fuck that lil bitch thats why
  11. question for all the car guys on the server which do you prefer if u had the choice  a black car with black rims or black car with bronze rims

    Image result for mustang bronze rims

    Image result for black on black mustang

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    2. platinumfire


      well i just bought some 19 by 9.5 bronze rims thanks guys for making my mind up 

    3. platinumfire


      did a ultra quick Photoshop on what the car will look like


    4. Grant


      The bronze is growing on me ngl

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