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    I sat on this acct for minutes listening to the song

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  2. 200k for ea vest 500k mar10
  3. 820.
  4. 5 MX's for uhhh 750k
  5. Jake u big nib u said u would sell me it
  6. I lost 4 mil plus of gear from crates lmao my comp got denied
  7. +1 Really treatable good sale on last dms. Did you sell me a duped one lmao mine disappeared
  8. It is lmao
  9. Everything sold OR Bugged
  10. 1m dms
  11. 1.2
  12. 10m for all of it
  13. 1M
  14. 200k for rpg
  15. 95k for outfit, and ill take the mx for 130k and mags 2.5k ea and we go from there in pm's

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